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How to Create a Verified Paypal Account in India?

Updated on October 7, 2011

Two years ago, I tried to get a Paypal account. At that time, I found it very difficult, as I never had a Credit Card. I guess at that time, Indian version of Paypal was under development. They asked me for the Pan Card number. I gave it, but never succeeded to connect my Bank Account. I never understand, if I was not able to verify my account or it's the error of Paypal's website interface!? as it was under development. I never know this, but after trying for several times, I deleted my Paypal account. I was new to Internet and never wanted any kind of risk. Then, I never came back to Paypal for two year.

Few months before, I joined Hubpages Earning Program and to receive payments earned through this program, there is only way of Paypal. So, I decided to try again to get a Paypal account. This time I registered and verified my Paypal account successfully and easily. If you want to get a verified account of Paypal, read the information in this hub.


What is the Use of Paypal?

Paypal is useful to make secure payments via Internet. If you are buying something on Internet using Paypal, you never need to expose your Credit Card or Debit Card numbers. Paypal securely stores the private information of buyer and seller and allows secure payment transfers. Paypal charges some amount to provide their secure service to Internet users.

How to Open Paypal Account?

First of all, you should go on Paypal India. Click "Sign Up". We are opening "Personal" account of Paypal to send or receive money through Internet. Click "Get Started" below Personal. Now one form is in front of you, we should fill asked information in that form. At the time of providing information to Paypal, take care that the information you provide will be accurate.

Give your Email Address. It can be used as the account number of Paypal. Now give a password, that will be used in a future to login into your Paypal account. Provide your Name, your father's name and your surname accurately. Give your official Birthdate. Choose Indian nationality. Write your Pan Card number carefully. Fill the address of your home and give a phone number.

Requirements to Send, Transfer Money Using Paypal

You have given your phone number. Now, if you want to send payments via Paypal, you should provide your Credit Card or Debit Card information. You should have any of these four cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX (American Express). If you have a Credit Card, then there is no problem. But I guess, there is no any Debit Card option for Indian users. If you have any of the cards mentioned above, then give the number and expiry date of that card. They will also ask you for CW number. How to see that CW number? that is given there in "What's this?".

If you don't have any of the above given cards, then leave the options regarding that and click on Agree and Create Account. I have already created my Paypal account, so the next page is not in front of me. But as I remember, they will ask you the Credit Card or Debit Card number. Confirm the billing address of your card on this page. If you don't have a card, you may ignore this page. Here, we should take one thing into consideration that, if you want to buy something online or send money, you should have any of those cards, or else you will not be able to send money.

Requirements to Receive Money through Paypal

You have registered you Paypal account. But, yet it has to be verified. Open the Email account that you have used to register with Paypal. You will see the new mail from Paypal. Click the link given in that mail to verify your Email address.

To receive payments via Paypal, now you should verify your Bank Account with Paypal. You will see the options regarding that in the sidebar of Paypal. The name that you used while registering with Paypal should match to your Bank Account related name. Give the name of your Bank and your account number to start the verification process.

What is The Verification Process of Paypal?

Now within four to five working days, you will receive two small deposits on your Bank accounts (For example, 1.50Rs., 2.00Rs.). This is the part of your Bank Account verification process. Now, you just have to remember these values and type them into given specified space on Paypal website. Thus, your Bank Account verification process will finish.

It would be better, if you have an online netbanking account, as you can quickly check your bank account for deposits. It took 3 days for me to receive Paypal deposits on my bank account. Meanwhile, they confirmed my Pan Card Number. At the end of this verification process, you will be ready to receive money via Paypal. The email address that you registered with Paypal will work as the Paypal account number.

Fees of Paypal

You will get the idea about fees of Paypal from the image given below. Follow this link to get the more information about their fees. Opening a Paypal account and sending money is free. But, to receive payments, there are some charges of Paypal.

Paypal Fees
Paypal Fees | Source

This is the information of opening Paypal India account. I hope you found this information helpful. Share this information with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this article.


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