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Credit Freeze Stop Identity Theft Cold! Free Credit Report!

Updated on July 29, 2011

Get A Free Copy Of Your Credit Report!

Put the freeze on crooks! Courtesy
Put the freeze on crooks! Courtesy
Then you can run a beer tab and not sweat it out!   Courtesy
Then you can run a beer tab and not sweat it out! Courtesy
Keep your eye on the prize! Courtesy
Keep your eye on the prize! Courtesy

For A One Time Fee Of $30.0 You Can Shut identity theft down!

You may have heard of companies bragging about their ability to safe guard your credit, just pay them 20-30 dollars a month for the rest of your life! Well I've got great news! In less than a couple hours time, for a max. of $30.0 for you and $30.0 for your spouse you can freeze your credit. Fees are subject to change and last time I checked some states are free, but most aren't. Why $30.0, because there are three credit issuers. Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. If you do it online have your banking and mortgage information on hand because you will be given a series of multiple choice questions to prove your Identity. Once your credit is frozen you will be sent your pin number guard all of the with your life! These pin numbers are how you unfreeze your credit any time you need open a line of credit or buy or refinance your house. I can tell you from personal experience it saved me, when a waitress kept my card to run a beer tab and three days later, someone tried to use my credit card. My credit card company stopped both illegal charges, but beyond that I had no worries because the freeze was in place(no new lines of credit). Unfreezing you credit is a snap, and usually only requires one credit issuer. You can do it on line with a credit card usually free to ten bucks, and you set how many hours or days you want it thawed before it refreezes!

When shouldn't you freeze your credit?

If your credit reports are used for your work often, or if you create a lot of accounts with different financial institutions on a regular basis, then the costs to "thaw" would be too great!



Call 1-800-685-1111

Mail Equifax security freeze p.o. box 105788 Atlanta Ga 30348

Trans Union

Mail 390 Springfield. PA. 19064



Mail Experian Security Freeze P.O. box 9554 Allen, TX. 75013

For a copy of your free credit report

Clark Howard the consumer advocate on HLN has a great link on his website This link will take you to the various issue granters and you can look up the exact cost of a credit freeze for your particular state! It also contains form letters for getting credit freezes!

Clark Howard Discusses Credit Freeze!

Identity Theft A Major Concern!

Have you ever been the victim of identity theft?

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