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Credit Karma vs Quizzle

Updated on October 27, 2014

How Does Quizzle Compare to Credit Karma?

Credit Karma and Quizzle are two online financial services that offer their users a way to monitor their credit score for free without having to subscribe to some overpriced monitoring service. However, there are several differences in how each service goes about providing that information for their users.

Credit Karma Features

Credit Karma's main feature is the ability to view and monitor your credit score online for free. You can update your credit score as often as you like, however, it is important to remember that they don't change a great deal from day to day unless you make an important financial transaction that affects your credit situation. Credit Karma does not show you your FICO credit score. FICO scores are issued by Fair Issacs and they charge everyone who wants a credit score, even you. Instead, Credit Karma displays three different kinds of credit scores: the TransRisk Score, VantageScore, and the Auto Insurance Risk Score. These scores are not typically used by lenders.

Credit Karma also offers free credit monitoring. Instead of subscribing to an expensive monthly service, users who opt into the credit monitoring service will receive an email alert whenever negative information is added to their credit report.

Quizzle Features

Quizzle also offers a free online credit score. Like Credit Karma, it does not offer a free FICO score. Instead Quizzle offers the CE Credit Score based on the information within your Experian credit report. Just like the Credit Karma credit score, this number can be used to track improvements or damage to your credit score so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

Quizzle also offers you free full credit report. The credit report comes from Experian. Note that Credit Karma does not show you a credit report, so you are left to figure out how to access it yourself. One option is to get your free annual credit report. Note also that the free Quizzle credit report does NOT count as one of your free yearly credit reports, so you can actually get your Experian report for free twice by using this service.


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      Bill @ 5 years ago

      Hub Llama,

      Thanks for reviewing

      One additional note: provides you a free credit score AND credit report, without a credit card, every six months.

      We think it's the best way to really stay manage your credit health and success!