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Credit Monitoring Review

Updated on November 11, 2010

The Best Credit Report Monitoring System

It seems like every week my bank advertises some new way to check my credit report for free and monitor my credit scores.  I have tried the ones offered by my bank, my credit card company, and a few that I found online.

I found out the pros and cons of each credit monitoring system and found out what works for me, your average everyday guy, who doesn’t have a fortune to waste away.

When looking for the right place to get a copy of my credit report, and monitor my report for errors, I ended up making a list of what worked best for me and decided to share it with you.

1)   First Credit Report is Free and I get to test the system and poke around for at least 30 days with no obligation to pay or keep my account

2)   Monitors your report and score for major changes, new inquiries, or late payments

3)   Keeps track of your past scores and shows you a graph of each score

4)   Has a program to predict your credit score.  For instance if you want to know the affect of closing an account, opening a new credit card, etc.

5)   It must come with Identity Theft Protection Insurance – at least $500,000k

6)   Affordability was also was a huge factor in my decision

So after checking all the major credit monitoring websites and testing them out, have came to a decision: had the best credit monitoring program, it was affordable, effective, and came with a lot more amenities then expected.  I got to track my scores, monitor changes to my credit report, and it came with a $1,000,000 Identity Theft insurance policy.

Thanks to I have kept my credit scores high and I have saved thousands of dollars in interest charges. 


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