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Cryptocurrencies: Where to invest in this week?

Updated on October 28, 2017

BTC/USD with bullish movement

The Bitcoin has a clear upward trend in one day, after the release of an improved version of it, called Bitcoin gold, which has not met the expectations of investors who saw the cryptocurrency lose its initial value, with reference to that, who has benefited is the Bitcoin, which as we can see in the daily chart is likely to reach $ 6000 per unit.

As we can see, the pair found a support in the $ 5506, from which it has started again a bullish route, being located at this moment in the $ 5708 from where we expect to follow the march of a bullish movement in the remaining days of this week of operation. So an entry in purchase would lead to the cryptocurrency reaching the designated value of $ 6000, making a movement in the market derived from many pips.


Bitcoin | Source

Some cryptocurrency

BTC/USD with bullish movement

ETH/USD cryptocurrency with possible downward movement

BCH/USD at the time of consolidation

The Ethereum has lost 4.5%

The Ethereum has lost 4.5% in the previous session and in the purely technical area we can say that there is a very likely bearish scenario and checking this cryptocurrency that had been having a very good performance in previous months has had at least 2 weeks of decline that accumulate a -22.77%, which is very likely to materialize in this day that has just begun.

Bitcoin Cash has been in consolidation since last October 7, since it has not had outstanding variations and has been operating in a range that goes from 313 to 333, this cryptocurrency created in China does not present any surprises to investors, this because the great Asian country has temporarily banned the practice of collecting capital through the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the known initial offers. At current prices, bitcoin cash has a total market capitalization of around $ 5,400 million, which makes it the fourth most valued cryptocurrency.

Now I share this comments about this Cryptocurrency:

In the technical field we do not find at this moment an operation on the same, until China raise its temporary measure on the use of this cryptocurrency, for the moment it is best not to buy the Bitcoin Cash

In the bearish scenario raised the first point to play is $ 272.8 where is the first support, which being exceeded would lead to this cryptocurrency to find the $ 250 as second support and a more bearish scenario the pair can reach $ 222.45. In case the pair should show us an advance above the $ 310 to consider a bullish scenario.


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