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Cutting Off Cable TV Is It Worth It

Updated on March 1, 2012

Is Cutting Cable Worth It

Monthly budgeting is an important part of savvy financial planning. However, knowing where to cut spending can be tougher than it looks. A high monthly cell phone bill might be a good place to cut back and save some money, but an early termination fee and the fact that you need a phone for your business or lifestyle might make that an unwise way to save money. Another tempting target is cutting the monthly cable bill, but does that make sense financially?

For most Americans, cable TV has become a necessity of life. Good parenting tips for dad and moms suggest allowing children to watch educational shows and other good TV shows for kids. Even families receiving food stamps or other government assistance are no longer told that they must cut cable TV in order to be eligible. Additionally, in many cities and town, the local cable company provides more than just 500 channels of entertainment.

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Unfortunately, most places still only have one cable company. That local monopoly may not count for legal purposes, but it sure does count for pricing purposes. Reducing your monthly cable bill is hard. Cutting down more than just a few bucks is even harder. That's why most people have considered cutting off cable altogether.

With the availability on TV shows online andsoftware like Windows Media Center making it easier to cut the cord and still watch television whenever you want to stopping cable is a tempting option.

Cute Girl Watching TV

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Throw in a girl picture for more HubPages traffic.

Lower Expenses Eliminating Cable

Cutting off cable television sounds like a good idea at first. However, whether cutting off cable TV makes sense for you depends on a lot of factors. The most important factor is whether or not it will help you save money.

  • Do you get more than just television from your cable company?
  • How much is your monthly cable bill?
  • Do you have a contract with your cable company?
  • Are you planning on getting TV from satellite television, or are you going to watch tv shows online, or are you just going to stop watching all television?
  • Do you work from home? (As a freelance writer, I need high-speed Internet access for my home office.)

Unless you can end the whole relationship with your cable company, cutting back on service may not be worth it. Thanks to bundling, many cable services packages are cheaper than buying just one service. Even when you can save money by cutting off cable TV, the difference between getting cable television or not may not save much money.

For example, with Comcast cable company, new customers can get cable Internet with a basic cable TV package for just $70 a month. It goes up to $99 after 6 months, but most of the time they will give you the better price again if you remember to call. Getting just the "Performance" Internet pages costs $43 per month. That is a savings of $27 per month over the Internet and TV package, but not an enormous monthly spending reduction.

Is cutting cable TV worth it then?

The answer is that if you would rather save $27 per month than be able to watch television shows without having to hook up a home media server or watch television online through your computer or laptop, then yes, cutting cable is worth it. Don't forget to factor in the possibility of renting good children's movies on DVD or even checking out kids movies from the library.

If not, then look for other ways to save like buying certain kinds of equipment rather than paying a monthly fee to rent a cable modem for example.


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    • profile image

      Nicole 6 years ago

      I cut TV costs when I cut cable and went with DISH Network. I honestly can't just watch my locals because a lot of the TV shows I've grown to love don't air on my locals. I save $20/ month plus I get HD programming free for as long as I have my DISH account open. As an employee of DISH I know that the free HD for life promotion is still going on for those interested in still getting great channels without a great cost.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Great hub and interesting. I have cable, high speed internet, and cable phone service all in one bill. Not sure yet if I save or lose. Someday I will be still long enough to find out. GBY.

    • WE5 profile image

      WE5 7 years ago

      Interesting Hub. Here's an anecdote about cable tv. My family and I moved from Newfoundland & Labrador to Calgary a few years back (I was following work). We kept our home in NL as I am a contractor and fully intended to return upon completion of the contract. We did however shut off the cable. We got cable in Calgary as normal. Two years later it was back to NL. We did not bother to hook up the cable right away (January) using the excuse that we wanted the kids to assimiliate back into their old school. Months went by and the kids played and read and watched CBC and local NTV, rented DVDs and so on. Months turned to years and we were still on the 'rabbit ears'. I think I missed it more than anyone because I like the documentaries and history and science know, the stuff that the cabler PBS stations live off. To make this story shorter, we still do not have cable and for the most part we could not care less. All three kids are at the top of their class and Missus and I see a lot of movies at the cinema.

    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York


      I'm single and lived with basic cable for years. I got 20 plus channels and felt it was enough. Having children I'm sure having endless educational TV is worth it but calling your cable company to find out if you can get a cheaper deal is so worth it. Find out what is available to you. Even if your cable bill becomes $10 less per month it's so worth it.