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Cyber Monday Shopping Strategies that Work: Find Christmas Success after Black Friday

Updated on December 7, 2012
Electronics on Cyber Monday have the best deals!
Electronics on Cyber Monday have the best deals! | Source

Online Shopping Deals at their Best!

So you're a wizard at online shopping? You are pretty smart when it comes to Amazon, eBay, and other online sites, and you are really good at finding the best deals available. But Cyber Monday is different! After the shopping success (or some failure) of your Black Friday shopping adventures, Cyber Monday is a day when consumers realize that Christmas and the other holidays are coming very, very quickly. Whether you are looking for electronics like a TouchPad, iPad, Kindle, or Droid, or toys, games, and consoles like the XBOX, or Wii, or clothes, shoes, or handbags, or even household items like a cool Dyson vacuum these can help!

Here are your winning strategies for Cyber Monday online shopping:

1. Make your shopping wish list. All the gifts you may buy for others, and what it is that you want for yourself should be on this list! If you want Missoni for Target collection clothes or home goods, and you were unsuccessful on Black Friday, then have this written down! If you are looking for a Hello Kitty handbag, then make a list!

2. Make a series of lists and browser bookmarks for your favorite retailers. From the Apple Store, to Amazon,, and others, you should have these pages already bookmarked. I recommend using a separate browser for shopping during Cyber Monday because you can make sure it remembers your passwords, start pages, and helps you shop quickly! For example if you normally use Internet Explorer, then you can download the Google Chrome browser and fill it with all of your cyber monday quick browsing info!

3. Join a few social networking daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, and others. Expect that some of Cyber Monday's best deals will go out directly to e-mail marketing lists and subscribers.

4. Search for specific #Hashtags on for tweets about #sales, #coupons, #deals, or your specific wish list item.

5. Watch eBay for auctions during the same period. If the eBay sellers feel that buyers are looking for new items only, you may get a great cyber monday deal on used, or barely used items. Also check eBay's companion site for great deals!

6. If you're looking for Apple deals, check out their academic discounts, if they apply to you, and also look at their special refurbished equipment sales. Some great deals can be found here.

7. If you're looking for books, check out for a searchable website that represents thousands of used/new/antique/specialty "brick and mortar" bookstores around the world.

8. If you'd like to buy a number of different items, and is your portal of choice, be sure to bookmark their "Deal of the Day" and "Lightning Deals" pages!

9. Don't forget the big retailers: because they want their web sales to compete with Amazon, big box stores like Walmart with, and Sears, Target, JC Penney, Macy's, and many others will have competitive sales on their pages to keep you from ordering from #8!

10. Prepare a friend! If you hit a one-per-customer sale or some other quantity restriction on an item that appears more than once on your Christmas list, what do you do? Well hopefully you prepped a friend, with their credit card, and a clear understanding on how quickly you will reimburse them.

If you follow these ideas then you can get everything on your Christmas holiday wish list -- everything for friends, family, and loved ones, and everything for you!


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