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Updated on August 28, 2011

Devastation of Our Forests

In writing this hub, I would like to acknowledge the fact that some governments are trying to deal with the problems of deforestation, and even, our United Nations, But there is much more that can be done and I will discuss the problems associated with this in my writing.

Beginning thousands of years ago, deforestation, over the past twenty years, has taken the greatest toll and an impact felt around the world. More than 300 million hectares(10,000 square meters,or 100 acres)of our tropical rain forests,have been cleared. Some of the reasons for this are: agriculture, making pastures, mining practices and plantation formations. The cattle industry and lumber companies have taken a big share of the forests. Some loss has been attributed to the housing development industry and urban sprawl. It is estimated that under today's practices that more than 40% of our forests will be gone in ten to twenty years.

The trees vital function of absorbing water from the ground and processing back into the atmosphere as oxygen, is being eliminated. The trees absorb carbon dioxide which helps hold down the production of greenhouse gases and the very plants that nature has provided, are being destroyed. The careless lack of conservation practices of many corporations and smaller companies are creating problems to such a degree, that we may all be faced with the reality that there will be no safe place left on this earth, in less than fifty years, in which to live.The rain forests used to cover about 14% of the earth, and now cover as much as 6% of the earth's surface, and it is attributed to the timber companies that are cutting down trees in our own North America, as well as many other contributing and poor conservation practices.Although there have been attempts in re-planting trees by some groups,the many years that it takes in growth and the big "blank of time"left during this time of re-growth makes this a limited positive effect in helping solve the problem of forests removal. As much as 30% of the earth is covered by land masses, including mountains and valleys across the world. The three quarters of water that covers this planet is also suffering because of the removal of vital woodlands that contribute to the big role they play in the Eco systems and their chain reaction processes, that will suffer major calamities when vital parts are effected in their progression and interrelation, in this vital and fragile process. The waters of our globe are also being polluted by unscrupulous practices of companies in removal of their wastes products.

The loss of our trees makes global warming much worse, and more rapid in developing. This creates problems in our weather and the growing of crops vital for our existence on this planet.The loss of water, soil, plants, and wildlife, is being greatly impacted in the losing of habitats.The loss of many birds, animals, and plant life, around the globe, is effecting the biological systems that our world is so dependent upon for our survival. The human species is being destroyed by our own lack of concern and the poor practices of a few large corporations that are devastating the planet. We must take control and step up to meet these serious problems, as a world's people.

Because crops are so important for feeding the world, countries clear large areas of land so that they can grow and develop them. This is one of the large driving forces, and also the making of profits by a few big companies, as well. Global warming is caused by deforestation, which in turn then destroys the rain forests and it becomes a vicious cycle. The illegal practices of some lumber companies also contribute to loss of large acreages of our forests yearly. The continuous natural phenomena of lightning strikes and other sources of fire, takes a large share of forests on a yearly basis also.The 1990s there was seen a big surge in decline of our world's forests. In more recent years things have not improved and gotten much worse.

The tropical forests may be gone by the year 2040. It can never be recovered. Major internetional organizations have been trying to address these problems, but it has gotten to be taken much further and addressed by all of us as individuals, and we must all pull together in trying to solve this great dilemma facing our world's peoples. By the 1990s deforestation was traced to industrial development, cattle raising practices, and extraction practices used by large lumber companies, and also to clear land for development, such as for housing.

The enhanced greenhouse effect is caused by global warming and deforestation practices and accounts for more than 20% of green house gas emissions. The reduction of the greenhouse gas has been a source of a reward for countries in need, that get financial assistance in dealing with the reduction of effects. The trees that are putting vital oxygen supplies into the atmosphere are being removed and with their reduction, our very lives are being impacted. The over-cutting and clearing of lands and the many processes that are being used, dangerously limit the remaining green trees left in adequately handling the demanding process of putting oxygen into the air that we breathe and helping absorb harmful carbon dioxide that causes the greenhouse effect and global warming. We will have to decide and weigh the uses requiring space for cattle raising, lumber for housing, and clearing to make room for growing of crops and the food supply, against the loss of vast forests of the world needed to produce the vital oxygen that we need to survive. It puts hard choices on the table before the world's leaders, but we have to use wisdom and strong conservation practices for the welfare of our generations to come. We must find other sources to use in building our dwellings, better conserve the forests that are being destroyed at alarming rates and in the process, harming our own futures and in our ability to breathe in a pollution- free world.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you Au fait, and I am pleased that you are in agreement and supportive in this very important issue that faces our futures.whonu

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      In fact most of the land being cleared in South America and Africa is so that people with little in the way of education or marketable skills can become self-supporting farmers.

      Often the trees that are cleared are simply burned and not used for anything. We do in fact have plenty of food for all the people on this planet. The problem is with the logistics of getting the food to the people who need it.

      Both Peggy and Deborah make good points, as do you in this article. Much more than just the trees is being lost. Deforestation needs to stop.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      In fact much of the land being cleared in South America and Africa is so that people with little in the way of education and marketable skills can become farmers and self-supporting. Often the trees that are cleared are simply burned and not used for anything. We do in fact have enough food for everyone around the world, just a problem with logistics in delivering that food where it is needed.

      So much is being lost, not only the trees and other vegetation. Both Peggy and Deborah make very good points as do you in this article. You are correct in that deforestation needs to stop.

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      When North America became settled, we deforested most of the continent, and virtually wiped out millions of native animals, such as the bison. Now, we realize what problems that can create, and we don't want South America to undergo the same transformation. We owe it to them to give them a helping hand, if we don't want their forests wiped out, too!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Much of what you say is true. We may also be losing plants that can become cures for diseases and which only grow in rainforest areas. The rate of deforestation is alarming!