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DIY Estate Sales or Hire an Estate Sale Company?

Updated on October 9, 2014

Money Down The Drain

Deciding to liquidate personal assets always feels like you're shoving money down the drain, a lot of people decide to hold estate sales themselves in order to save the money they have to pay someone to sell their stuff. Unfortunately, many find that holding an estate sale themselves ends up costing them a lot more than simply hiring an estate sale liquidator that specializes in holding profitable estate sales.

The Value of Items

You know the value of each item, you bought them right?, the issues we face when we decide to sell our own items can hinder the success of the sale:

  • Properly pricing items
  • Emotional attachment to items
  • Where to advertise the sale
  • How to get buyers to our sale
  • Liability in holding the sale
  • Will everything sell? and what can we do with what's left

The Hard Labor of Estate Sales

Sure the thought of selling our own items is fun, and to we never have to give anyone a percentage of what we earn, but it's simple math. Hiring a liquidator might cost a percentage, but the cost is minor when compared to the amount of money made during an estate sale. The process of setting up is labor intensive.

Estate Sale Professionals are experienced in properly pricing, staging and marketing a estate sales that sells out. While they charge a fee for their service, the net income generated is much higher than us doing it ourselves.

Forums across the web are filled with discussions about estate sales, how, what, when, where. For me personally I found hiring an estate liquidator to handle the process is easier, faster, more profitable and best of all, no liability. A great estate sale company has liability insurance to protect you as the client and your home from damage, theft and injury liability. They have thousands of buyers in their database which means they will get everything sold and at the highest price possible.

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DIY or Hire an Estate Sale Pro?

How would you hold an estate sale? would you do it yourself or hire a company and why?

Vote for DIY or Hire

If you had to liquidate personal assets, would hire a company or do it yourself?

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