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DM's: Make Money Online, Scam Free (including websites)

Updated on December 16, 2020

You've heard of thousands of ways to make money...right? Well I've been scanning the internet day and night for the past few months trying to find some ways to just keep the bill collectors at bay. I stumbled across a few ways to make some money and thought it would be nice to share. So here are my top 4 ways to make some money starting with my least favorite to my absolute favorite, and most used means:


#4 Student of Fortune/ Chegg

Student of Fortune is a website I found completely and totally by accident. I was just strolling through the internet and happened to read about it in a comment box. I went to it and signed up, and it worked. Of course, I did not become an overnight millionaire on this website, but it gave me the tools to make a few dollars here and there. Student of Fortune has two sides, the student and the tutor. Many students will post their homework assignments online and pay other people to either help them or give them the answers. Some assignments are worth approx. $40, but a lot are around the $1 to $2 range. If you think you can help a person, you simply post a 'tutorial' of their work. If they pick your tutorial you get paid about 60% of the bounty. You can set up a PayPal account to deposit and withdraw money from your Student of Fortune account.



#3 E-bay

This one and my next choice were both almost equal. I had to put this one here in third simply because of the way I would use e-bay. The way to make money on e-bay, the conventional way, is to have an online garage sale. But what if you are a student away at college and don't really have anything to sale, much less a garage-full (like me). Well, the solution is to play e-bay as if it were the stock market. The reason why e-bay is third on my list is because it can be a high risk, high reward opportunity. A real good way to make money on e-bay is to buy wholesale lots, listings that contain more than one item, and then sell each item individually. For example, a company is trying to get rid of 30 shirts, so they post something like 'Lot of 30 T-shirts- New w/ Tag'. You can bid on this, get it for a few dollars and then turn a profit by listing each individual shirt for a buck or two. The risk is that no one may want them and you're stuck with 30 t-shirts. Which means you are stuck with a deficit.



#2 HubPages

It may seem blasphemous for this one to fall in at number 2, since this blog will be on their website first. My reason that this one comes in second is that it takes a while to start building a reputation. Once you do build a reputation you have to find a way to get people to visit your blogs. If you can get viewers, good for you but you don't get paid unless the people view your 'Hub' and/or click on the ads on your hub. The way HubPages works is: first, you sign up and join your account with a Google AdSense account (which is linked to your bank account), then you have to start typing up blogs (most of mine are on sports, but financial advice gets the most viewers), THEN people search keywords and may sporadically click your blog. If they do, and then they click some ads, you are golden. With this also comes the HubPages Earnings Program. This pays for just having traffic flowing through your 'Hubs'.( WARNING: Google AdSense does keep track of certain things like IP addresses, so if you go to your own hub and click like crazy thinking you're going to become rich, you'll end up banned.) Websites:


#1 Amazon Mechanical Turk

This website is one that I have went to on numerous occasions. I now spend a lot of my free time making money on this website, doing menial tasks for low pay. mTurk is a way for people to make a few pennies at a time while other people are able to pay you little money to do work that practically no one wants to do. Similar to Student of Fortune, some people post 'HITs' and workers, like me, accept those Hits and do whatever the task is that comes with them. For example, every once in a while I'll go here and look for jobs where I look at an old newspaper picture that has a caption, or paragraph attached to it. I just type out the caption, give a few of the keywords in the article, give the date it was used, select its category, and what the source of the photo is. For this, I get a whopping $0.20, but there are usually a few thousand of these and they take maybe 5 minutes to do. When you are unemployed, though, that $2.40 an hour looks a lot more appetizing than $0.00. Website:

So there you have it. Go make some money the best way you can. Feel free to comment, tell me more ideas and websites, or just vote me up or down. Thank you.

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