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Daddy Daughter Days - Invest in Future

Updated on July 8, 2011

My Inspiration

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My oldest, gives me inspiration all the time.
My oldest, gives me inspiration all the time.
My oldest, gives me inspiration all the time. | Source

Investing In Daughter

I was reading a story recently about a everyday regular person who sold something( he sold 1 million of those somethings actually) recently. I am not here to promote the person or what they sold, but I thought about why can't I get my daughter started at a young age that this person who was 42 started just over a year ago. Every month I have what is called daddy daughter days with my oldest. My youngest is too young to understand so she will have her time for daddy daughter days soon.

One of my favorite music artist is by the name of Crooked I. He is from Long Beach California, and I will give credit where credit is due. He said something in one of his songs that I take to heart. I can't recall word for word, but he said something along the lines that you may have a million dollar idea, but noway of turning that idea into a million dollars. Another person may hear your idea and know a way of turning it into that million or more. And vice versa, you may hear someone else's idea and be able to run with it and turn it into a million dollars. I am sure you will accept a thousand dollar idea also.

My daughter has a very good vivid imagination. If you have any children, you understand what I am talking about. I actively encourage my daughter to write down her ideas in a notepad and to scribble any ideas that she has so she doesn't forget them. She doesn't need to finish the idea, but to put it somewhere so she can come back to it and expand on that idea in the future. My daughter was grounded one week at her mothers house, and with my luck my daughter was talking to me every single day, for many many many hours at a time. Have you ever been on your cell phone so long that it turns hot? My cell phone was hot every single day for about 7 hours out of the day. I love my daughter dearly so I did not mind talking to her. Of course we would run out of things to talk about, but she would then start using her vivid imagination to tell me a story. Her stories were great to listen to and I wanted to know more about them and I kinda got sad when she finished a story. When I asked her to continue a story she was talking about the day prior, sometimes she couldn't remember. So this Hubpage is about encouraging your daughter, and to have your own daddy daughter time to listen to your child. Do not let your daughter tell you something that sounds so outrageous that you brush it off. Have your daughter keep a ongoing active journal, netbook, tablet, pen and good ole paper handy to write down those vivid imaginations.

Those stories and characters that your child thinks about can be turned into a nice fun short story that other kids would love to hear about. Start a story telling club. Write a short story and help your daughter publish it. It is possible to publish your daughters idea, story, poem and other fairy book tales on places like Amazon. Listen to all that is being told to you by your daughter. Go out and have a good day at the movies, getting some ice cream, etc. When my daughter ask me a question about why something is the way it is, I always ask how would she improve on a certain item or try to make something better. Sometimes it is really out of this world, but most times she will surprise me and get me to think why it isn't the way she suggested. This is a great bonding wealth building time you have with your daughter. I say wealth, not meaning monetary means, but wealth of knowledge and connection that you will build with your daughter. Sorry I do not have a son yet, or I would of said investing in your kids to cover both. I have two daughters who are my life and I want to make sure they pass on their knowledge to each other, their friends, and other people they come in contact with.


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