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Debt Reduction A Practical Spiritual Solution

Updated on October 14, 2010

We Can't Afford It

Financing Purchases Is Overrated

Financing a Purchase is not the same as cash.
Financing a Purchase is not the same as cash.

What does debt do to us?

We are bombarded with the temptations: 90 Days Same as Cash! No payments until next year!

What does this mentality do to us? Look around. If you're part of the majority of Americans, you are experiencing it yourself. See what has happened in a society that finances everything? We become debtors. We trade in what we want long-term -- peace and financial security -- for what we want now -- a new car, the latest video game.

The issues that cause debt and the problems that result from it are far from being only temporal matters. They are deeply spiritual in nature.

Joseph Smith taught that everything was created spiritually before it was created physically, and that God gives no laws that are strictly physical, or temporal. I believe that. What that means for debt management is that the effort you put into living within your means is reflective of your understanding of your God-given stewardship over financial things in your life.

Don't Buy Stuff

It's actually pretty simple

One of the reasons I like the SNL video discussing how to manage money by not buying stuff is because, in poking fun at people who just can't grasp what it means to not buy something you can't pay for, it illustrates what a simple principle it is.


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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      The principal is easy, putting it into practise is hard.