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Different Types of Coupon Discounts

Updated on March 4, 2015

No one really pays attention to coupon codes. After all, you can barely save a few coins here and there. But if you do the math at the end of the month or year, your savings can be exquisite. Coupons represent that type of saving that will not be obvious right away, but in the long run. There are more types of coupons out there, so knowing what to look for will open the door to a new adventure.

Member Coupons


Interested in getting a coupon for your favorite store? Hunting it for months without succeeding? Try becoming a member instead. A lot of coupons are offered to people who sign up or register, not to mention about the ones who order. This is a common strategy used by retailers in order to entice their old customers. They have shown interest in the store, so perhaps they need an impulse to start shopping.

Free Shipping


Some coupons target the shipping costs only. In other words, a little research can provide free shipping codes and offers. After all, shipping can be quite expensive. Sometimes, it may overcome the actual product costs. However, many coupons provide free shipping only if you exceed a particular spending sum. If you are close to it, it might be worth spending a little more. Otherwise, it may not make sense, so do the math upfront and figure out yourself before adding new items to the shopping cart.

Buy One, Get One Free


Whenever you see a BOGO coupon code, you should know that it stands for Buy One Get One. Obviously, these coupons apply to the cheapest product. You cannot buy a shirt and get a fur coat for half the price. Instead, it goes in the other direction. Obtaining the deal of a lifetime implies getting an item that you actually need. Ask yourself if you would buy it in the first place. If you would not, perhaps you should just keep searching.

Get Something Free


These coupons provide free small stuff when you exceed a particular amount of money. For instance, you might receive a book or a cap if you buy something specific or you get over a limit. This type of coupon is excellent if you shop at the respective facility anyway. Besides, you should actually have a use for the free item.

Buy One, Get One for Half the Price


Just like the BOGO coupon, this one applies to the cheaper product. Sometimes, you might be restricted to a particular array of items. It makes a good option if you truly need the other item or if you pair up with a friend. This way, both of you can benefit from a discount.

Particular Percentage Off


A 10% or 20% discount is ideal if you shop a lot. These discounts apply to not too large, but not too small amounts of money either. Generally, the more you shop, the cheaper the shopping cart becomes. Buy things that you can use though.


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