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Dirty, Gross, and Worst Jobs

Updated on May 29, 2013
  1. Andrologist
  2. Animal Relocator
  3. Avian Vomitologist
  4. Barnyard Masturbator
  5. Brazilian Mosquito Researcher
  6. Breath Odor Evaluator
  7. Carcass cleaner
  8. Cattle Inseminator
  9. Charcoal Maker
  10. Coal Miner
  11. Colonoscopist
  12. Concentration camp Museum Attendant
  13. Construction Workers
  14. Corpse Grinder
  15. Crab Fisherman
  16. Crematologist
  17. Crime Scene Cleaner
  18. Dental Assistant
  19. Diaper Cleaner
  20. Disaster Journalist
  21. Dog Sniffer
  22. Dumpster Cleaner
  23. Dumpster Washer
  24. Embalmer
  25. Executioner
  26. Exterminator
  27. Flatus Odor Judge
  28. Fuel Tank Cleaner
  29. Garbage Collector
  30. Gastroenterologist
  31. Gastroenterologist
  32. Gravedigger
  33. Homeless Shelter Nurse
  34. Horror Movie Mask Maker
  35. Horse Breeder
  36. Horse Stall Cleaner
  37. Horse Tester
  38. Hunting Trophy Maker
  39. Iron harvester
  40. Lightning Rod Installer
  41. Lumberjack
  42. Manure Inspector
  43. Mechanic
  44. Mothers Of Babies
  45. Nurse
  46. Oil Rig Worker
  47. Paper Towel Sniffer
  48. Peep Show Janitor
  49. Pig Farmer
  50. Pig Farmer
  51. Pinsetter Mechanic
  52. Plumber
  53. Portable Toilet Cleaner
  54. Prostitute
  55. Sanitation Consultant
  56. Sea Lamprey Exterminator
  57. Sensory Deprivation Research Subject
  58. Septic Tank Technician
  59. Sewage Divers
  60. Sewer Inspector
  61. Sludge Recycler
  62. Swamp Boat Operator
  63. Tampon Tester
  64. Tanner
  65. Tar Rigger
  66. Toilet Cleaner
  67. Urine Collector
  68. Violin String Maker
  69. Volcanologist
  70. Water Treatment Worker
  71. Woolen Mill Operator
  72. Worm Rancher
  73. Zoo Keeper


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    • Kdban101 profile image


      8 years ago

      LOl, hilarious. and yeah, gastroenterologist, that really white collar(and high paying) job sucks.


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