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Buy Discount Forever Stamps Online - Stamp Cost Of Stamps - Stamp Price

Updated on May 7, 2011

Buy Discount Forever Stamps Online

Buy Forever Stamps online or buying discount Forever Stamps on line is easy using a credit card or by using a Paypal account. Forever Stamps starting in the year 2011 will be the preferred option for sending a first class letter in the United States.

There will no longer be the need to add additional postage with a lower priced regular first class stamp to increase postage because the USPS will begin only selling Forever Stamps as a first class stamp eliminating the need for regular rate stamps.

These postal stamps can and will be used for any first class envelope even if there is an increase in postage throughout the year or in the coming years to follow. Forever Stamps can be purchased at a discount through online resources at a very reasonable price.

Full price Forever Stamps at this time can still be purchased through the US postal service or local post office with a more current stamp face or emblem on it although the value of older still legal Forever Stamps will still have an equal value but can be purchased at a lower price.

What Is A Forever Stamp

The Forever Stamp was first introduced in 2007 featuring the Liberty Bell with the word Forever and the cost of the stamp at that time was $.41 cents.

Since that year the cost of a stamp has risen each year except for 2010. The price of a stamp will continue to increase over time as it has been proven in past years.

The Forever Stamp will be able to meet the needs of the increases without the need to produce lower cost stamps to offset lower marked stamps purchased at a lower price before increases year to year.

Once a Forever Stamp is purchased whether it be at full price or at a discounted price the stamp or stamps will be good for as long as the cost of a first class letter or envelope is only a Forever Stamp.

Meaning the stamps will be good virtually forever. These stamps once purchased will be recognized as a first class stamp that may be used on a first class letter or envelope.

Why Buy Forever Stamps Online

One positive reason why to buy Forever Stamps online is that older Forever Stamps can be bought a huge discount savings and are equal in value to the new most current Forever Stamps.

Another words all Forever Stamps have the same value based on the current postal rate but older forever stamps can be purchased at a lower cost online with discount stamp providers.

The cost of a stamp to send a first class letter over time will see many more increases than it has already seen.

Being able to purchase Forever Stamps online especially at reduced prices can save a person or business a bank full of money on a costly stamp.

Once a Forever Stamp is attached to a letter or envelope and it goes through the process of being sent to the correct address and zip code you may never see it again and then the forever stamp is worthless.

In conclusion in order to save money and provide the convenience of receiving Forever Stamps delivered to you for the use of mailing first class letters then purchase new Forever Stamps online.

History Of Postage since 1975

Effective Date
Cost Per Ounce
Additional Ounce
Sepember 14, 1975
December 31,1975
May 29,1978
March 22, 1981
November 1, 1981
October 1, 1983
zip+4 implemented
zip+4 implemented
Feburary 17, 1985
April 3, 1988
Feburary 3, 1991
January 1, 1995
January 10, 1999
January 7, 2001
July 1, 2001
June 30, 2002
January 8, 2006
May 14, 2007
May12, 2008
May 11, 2009


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