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Discount Stores in the Clarendon County Areas of South Carolina

Updated on August 31, 2012

For the residents and/or visitors in the area of Clarendon County in South Carolina here are a list of discount stores within the Manning and Summerton areas.

1. B-Mart

1 West Rigby


(803) 435-2467

B-Mart is one of the oldest shops in Manning. I’m pretty sure it’s been there sincethe 1970s, maybe even earlier. It’s almost somewhat of a novelty. There are items available in that store that you won’t find anywhere else, but there are also a lot of common items as well. It’s never crowded, at least not one of the times I’ve been there. It’s not necessarily the prettiest store when you step inside and look around,but the staff has always been friendly and helpful, and I don’t think I’ve ever left empty handed, and not just because I found what I needed, but sometimes because I just happened to find something else worth buying that I hadn’t even thought of.

2. Dollar General

(open at 2 locations)


601 S Mill Street

(803) 435-9296


30 S Church Street

(803) 485-2398

3. Family Dollar

(open at 3 locations)


31-A Sunset Drive

(803) 435-4142


Scott Avenue

(803) 452-6751


5900 N Church Street

(803) 485-2571


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