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Disneyland Coupons

Updated on January 10, 2012

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your trip to the Magic Kingdom and usually the easiest way to save money during your stay is to use Disneyland coupons.  But there are other ways to save money that are substantial and you first may want to read my hub on cheap Disneyland tickets.  The hub is full of ideas in locating inexpensive tickets.

If you plan on attending the amusement park for a few days, consider staying at a hotel near Disneyland.  We usually stay at one of the Disneyland Hotels, but this typically is not the thriftiest way.  There many hotels in Anaheim which offer better values.

For example, the Embassy Suites offers rooms at a very reasonable rate and provides a complimentary breakfast that is guaranteed to save you money.  A nice hearty breakfast will sustain you throughout the day and help you refrain from snacking on some of the expensive sweets inside the park.

It's a Small World when finding discounts at Disneyland
It's a Small World when finding discounts at Disneyland | Source

Most hotels have a convenient shuttle to and from the Disneyland so you can avoid paying for parking in the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure; however, some of the hotels do require a parking fee while staying there. Take this into account when finding the least expensive hotel package.

So where can you find Disneyland Coupons?

Your best bet is become an Annual Passport Holder. You will enjoy discounts in Disneyland and California Adventure parks, Downtown Disney District and Hotels of the Disneyland Resort. Almost every store and eatery offers at least 10 percent off. Whenever purchasing something, just hand over your passport for a discount. You’d be surprised how much money you will save. The tip here is that your only need to buy a single passport to get the discount.

For instance, a three-day park hopper ticket will run $169 per person, but the So Cal Passport is only $20 more. You will easily save the additional cost of the passport with all the food purchases you make during the three days. Just have the passport holder pay for the items.

Coupons for the park are rare, but not hard to find. Many coupon sites have offers to many of the restaurants in the Downtown District; yet, coupons for inside the park simply do not exist and are only available to you indirectly as a passport holder.

Enjoying the savings and benefits on Valentine's Day.  (Don't you think I look like Mickey?)
Enjoying the savings and benefits on Valentine's Day. (Don't you think I look like Mickey?) | Source


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