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Empty Promises To Mint Money For You?

Updated on March 21, 2016

Minting Money

dollar power
dollar power

Money Power

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here we go

Some Of The Cheating Styles That Con People Use

There are many ways in which the con people try to entice you to part with their money. A few are listed here:

  • We have those who claim to be ladies in refuge camps who need friendship from you. When you fall to the bait,they claim to be daughters of dead rich tycoons who left huge sums of money in a certain bank. They want you to assist them access the money. When you fall to the trick,they request you to send them some cash.When you do,the communication is halted.
  • There are those that claim to be old mums suffering from a terminal disease.They offer to leave all the money to you to use on any project you so wish.They will beg you to put some of the money on charity. They claim to be very religious. They will give you a number supposedly of an attorney who will assist you with the transaction.When you swallow the hook and the bait,they will ask you to send some money to be used in one way or the other. When you do that will be the end of the terminally ill lady. Maybe she passes on after that.
  • There are those who claim that you have won some money in a rotary that you never entered. Mostly they will claim it is your email address which won in a competition whereby the emails were selected randomly yours being among them. You will be excited! They may give you a bank account where the money is deposited.They will give you details to transfer the money to your account. After doing all that you are supposed to do,you will see the money being transferred,but after a time the transaction will be halted and you are requested for a COT(Cash On Transfer) code. When you go back at them,you are asked to pay a certain sum of money so that they send you the COT code.When you sent,the money drops in a very deep ocean. You won't see the perpetrators and the money again.
  • There are those that claim their client who banked a lot of money with them died in Iraq or is it Iran? They will claim the money is almost being turned over to the state.They will ask you to pretend to be the next of kin and assist them to claim ownership of the money. I know by now you know how the story ends.

Money On A Silver Platter

My wife came home bubbling with excitement. This was unusual for a lady who is normally stern and serious looking.She was a no nonsense lady. I was dying with curiosity to find out what my better half had behind her sleeve.

"The angel of luck has finally knocked at our door," she blurted out.

I was more confused than before.When will the whole story finally be span out? I was beyond myself with anticipation. The story of angels died with Mohammed (God Rest His Soul In Peace) when he saw angel Jibril in a cave. But at least my wife had been visited by an angel. He was the angel of luck. I wondered who this angel is, This one was never featured in the holy books.

When she cooled down,she gave me the story. She had met with somebody who minted money. The good Samaritan was moving from town to town assisting some lucky few. My wife and a colleague at work were among the lucky ones.

I was all ears! Who won't be?

They were to produce fifty thousand dollars.The money was to be used to buy a certain liquid which was to be used to clean up enough money to make them rich. He claimed to have used the last drop he had to clean one note for them to prove his mastery.

He had cleaned or pretended to clean one note which they had used to buy commodities in the supermarket. They had proved the currency to be genuine.

I smelt a rat! How can a minter lack only fifty thousand! He must be connish. I aired my suspicion to my wife. I told her to test if the man could try and make five thousand dollars,give it to them for testing and give them a week to look for what he wanted.

When he was told so,the conman denied vehemently and refused to that offer. He just wanted the fifty thousand dollars to be able to process millions for them. I told my wife to flee as the man was a con and wanted to deprive them of what was rightfully theirs. She desisted from the racket though halfheartedly. She had seen a fortune slip through her fingers.

We should be on the lookout all the time.There are vultures out there looking for any stray sheep to devour. Let that stray sheep not be you. Steer clear from deals that look so good and enticing.

Always do remember that when the deal looks so good you must think twice. The con art has many dimensions and one needs always to be on the lookout.


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    • stbrians profile image

      Meshack Bwoyele Keya 3 years ago from Vihiga County,Western Kenya

      the con game will never end in the world we are living in.the more the people,the more the poverty and the more the conning