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Does Purchasing Larger Items Save You Money

Updated on June 18, 2009

While you are at the store you might want to consider the cost of the items that you are purchasing and the size of the item. I know that I was recently looking at my local grocery store and noticed that the cost of the toilet paper was varying all over the place. So you might want to ask how do I know that I am getting the best deal for my money. What makes it even more confusing is that you will notice the packs of mega, large, regular, and other sizes available.

The first thing that you will want to do is consider is the size of the available items and if they have any other options available. So you will want to see the size of the items and determine the cost per ounce, pound, roll, or per item. Once you do this if they have a larger package you will want to see which of the items is going to be the best for your wallet. Now you might think that since the larger package costs more it is not worth the extra cost.

So if the item is a little bit larger and the cost is a little bit more if the cost per item is cheaper then you will be getting the better deal with the larger item. I know that storage might be an issue so you will want to consider this before making a purchase of a larger item, and you will also want to consider if you will use all the item prior to the expiration date comes. I know that some of the items that I purchase in large quantities like this are not perishable items and I do not have to worry about them spoiling on me. A great item that you can purchase in large quantities and not have to worry about this problem is toilet paper, paper towels, and some of your cleaner items.

While many people will think that because the cost of the larger item is going to cost them more you will want to consider these factors. I know that for me when I purchase the larger cases of the items I always end up paying more at first, but then I remember that the cost of that one item will add up because it will typically be two or three months if not longer for the items. So the savings that you will experience without having to buy the item every two weeks will definitely add up in a tremendous savings.


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