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Dumb Things Flea Market Customers Say To Get a Better Deal

Updated on July 23, 2012

Honesty, For The Best Deal

This is a hilarious look at a dozen dumb things heard from customers at the Flea Market. You cannot make this stuff up. Some people will tell you anything to try to get a better deal. I have heard many, many excuses and dumb statements over the years why people will not buy an item, or why they would , if only something else were in the equation. I have rarely heard someone just honestly state that they thought the price was a little high, and if I were willing to negotiate a lower price, they would consider buying it. That is so rare to have that conversation. Most people will give you such ridiculous excuses that rarely have anything to do with the price. They are just excuses. The funniest thing is that I have heard many of these excuses many times by different customers, They all think that they are being original or that I might be dumb enough to fall for their excuse but I humor them along and listen to the broken record just to see if I might hear something new. Maybe customers should just try being honest. If you want an item but think the cost is too high, offer a reasonable price that you are willing to pay. Many times if the offer is reasonable, I and many other Flea Market Vendors will accept the offer. When you lie or make up dumb excuses that are so clear to see that you are just trying to lower my price for no valid reason other than to cut my price, chances are it will not change. Try being honest, it will get you better deals. If there is something wrong with an item, that could be a good reason to negotiate the price. Tell the vendor why you think the price should be lower. Don't try to cut the price down for no valid reason.


A Dozen Crazy Customer Comments

Here are just a few of the many things I have heard, I hope you enjoy reading them. I withheld names or specifics so I don't offend anybody that gave me one of these excuses.

  1. Customer: “I don't have any money.” Me: “Why are you at the Flea Market then?”

  2. Customer: I only have $3.00 (Then they spend $20.00 at another stand)

  3. Customer: “My grandmother is so pretty so give it to her cheaper,” (as the grandmother stands there batting her eyes at me and smiling.)

  4. Customer: “For that price I want another one. Do you have more in stock?” My answer: “No, this is the only one that I have.” He insists that I ask someone else that might know for sure. (I am the only person running my Flea Market Stand. Nobody else to ask) I tell him, (as I pull out my cell phone) “Let me check with the warehouse to see if we have anymore in stock.” I make believe I am calling someone and then I act like I am on hold for 5 minutes wondering if he will wise up. He doesn't. When I tell him there are no more in stock he wants to give me his telephone number to call him when more arrive at the warehouse. You just can't make this stuff up. Some people are just that stupid. It is a Flea Market, not a chain store.

  5. Customer: “That is too much money for that item, I'm looking for something old, antique. If it were an antique, I would buy that right away for that price.” “Sir, that item is over 100 years old, it is an antique. The price is half the cost of it's true value.” Then he says, “Oh, well, I wanted something that looks old.” I guess it doesn't pay to have nice antiques.

  6. Customer: “I can't buy that now because I only have enough money to do my grocery shopping. Can you lower the price?” Me: If you only have enough money to do grocery shopping then any price would be more than you can afford. Why are you shopping at the Flea Market then?”

  7. Customer: “It is not for me, it is for a gift. What is the best price you can do in that case?” (Is this customer for real? I don't care if it is a gift or for them to bury in the back yard. Why should I take a loss because they want to give the item away?)

  8. Customer: “I'm not going to use this anyway. I just want it because it looks cool. Can you go any less on the price since I won't be using it anyway?” (Really, how dumb is that excuse?)

  9. Customer: “It's a nice piece but I have no interest or use for it. It won't do me any good to buy it. Can you go any cheaper?” Me: “If you have no use for it, and no interest in the item, then a lower price would not change that. No, the price is firm.” Customer: “O.K. I'll buy it.” Sometimes you just can't figure people out.

  10. Customer: “All those dogs; if you had a bear I would buy it right away. I collect bears not dogs.” Me: “I do have some bears, take a look at these.” Customer: “I really don't have much money today so I will pass. How much for this dog, I really like this one?” (So let me get this right, she doesn't collect dogs, she collects bears. When she is shown bears, she doesn't have much money, but then she wants to buy a dog that she doesn't collect. Hmmm, I give up.)

  11. Customer: “Can you lower the price so I can make a profit on it? I am going to send it back to Dominican Republic to my family to sell. It costs me money to ship it and at that price I won't make a profit.? Me: “The price is already half of the true value. I need to make a profit also. I am not going to take the loss on your shipping fee so you can make a profit.” Customer: (Argumentative) “Well how do you expect me to make money on the item if I have to ship it home?” Wow, that really isn't my problem, but some people think you owe them the world. I'm telling you, this stuff can't be made up. Some people are just like that, and you can't fix it.

  12. Customer: “How much for the children's books?” Me: “Each book is 50 cents. The total of all of the books left would be $3.50.” Customer: “Are you willing to take $5.00 for all of them?”

I hope this brought a smile to your face. Maybe a followup to this hub may come in the future since there are always new excuses or just plain dumb statements from some customers. It is always a new experience with every customer, no matter if they buy or not.

Ok, I couldn't resist this one. I just had to add it in.

13. Customer: "Where can I go to buy junk" Me: "The junk yard!"

Sorry folks, I don't sell junk, I sell very good condition used items, and antiques. If junk is what you want, what the heck are you doing at the Flea Market?


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