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E-filing This Year's Taxes

Updated on July 4, 2011

2011 tax season has arrived. One option is to e-file with the IRS. It is not only safe, but it's easy to do. It has become common practice for people to file their taxes electronically, rather than file a paper return. There will be many changes to the e-filing process in 2011. Before beginning an electronic return, information can be obtained through the IRS website. However, these changes may make e-filing a return even simpler for taxpayers to use.


Each year, fewer and fewer people use the traditional paper filing system; his method requires mailing in their return and waiting several weeks for their refund. Not only is e-filing a secure way to file your 2011 taxes, but it is also faster. Within just a couple of days taxpayers can have details on whether their return has be accepted or rejected. If corrections are needed, they can be made quickly and the return can be resubmitted in a reasonable time period.

The e-file process can also speed up the time in which a refund can be received. When combined with direct deposit, taxpayers can often times receive their refund just a few days. If there is an amount due to the IRS this tax season, there are quick and convenient payment options for taxpayers. Payments can be made through an automatic payment from a bank account, with a paper check or with a credit card. No matter what your refund or payment needs this year, e-filing can make the process more convenient and less time consuming.

There are many ways in which a 2011 tax return can be e-filed. Taxpayers can file themselves with free on-line services, through the IRS website or with purchased preparation software. Any of these methods can be achieved on a personal computer in one’s own home. These programs are user friendly and gently guide the taxpayer through the process.

How do you prefer to file your taxes?

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