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36 Household Money Saving Tips

Updated on August 28, 2014

When it comes to saving money, the most common complaint you hear from people is that they just don't earn enough to save. Well, we don't really have any control over how much we earn in most cases. However, we do have full control over how much we spend. Managing one's hard-earned money is a skill that most people don't have, unfortunately, and so they spend more than they earn and get into financial difficulties. Optimizing your hard-earned money should be your goal and here is where frugal living comes in. You don't really require any special skills to live frugally. All you require is a willingness to plan, adjust, look at innovative methods of saving and being disciplined and focused on saving your money. With that in mind, let us look at a few ways of saving money.

Money-Saving Tips - 36 Ways To Save Money and Cut Costs

  • Most people who go out shopping usually end up buying more than they planned to, ending up buying things they don't really require. A good way to avoid this is to take out an amount in cash that you intend to spend and leave behind your credit card. You cannot overspend beyond your budgeted amount this way. I do this personally and though it can be problematic at times, generally it works out great. I do this especially when I am out shopping close to home.
  • Cut down on the extras such as magazines, movie DVDs, books, etc. Ask yourself, if you really need them, or need to own them? If you do need to get some magazines or movie DVDs, you can just check them out from the library.
  • Bake your own breads and baked products.
  • If you can, cut your kids' hair.
  • Grow your own vegetables. It isn't difficult and can be quite a rewarding and pleasurable experience. So, apart from saving you money, it is good for your health too!
  • Pay in cash when possible, for obvious reasons.
  • Don't eat out all that often. Cook your own food as much as you can. Curtail the urge to eat out. In fact, eating out is often the main reason for excess spending. You end up spending way more than you intended.
  • Choose water over drinks when out. The next time you are out, do the math, and you'd know how much you'd save by choosing water.
  • Make your own tea and coffee.
  • Shop at thrift stores that offer good deals.

  • Raw feed dogs rather than feed them commercial dog foods.
  • Wash your own car when possible.
  • If you are not using your regular phone and use cell phones most of the time, consider giving it up.
  • To heat up things, consider using wood when possible.
  • Do your own repairs around the house and paint your own house when you can.
  • Turn off lights when no one is around. This is basic common sense, but as they say, "common sense is not all that common."
  • Hang your clothes to dry outside or inside depending on the season. Basically, line dry clothes when possible.
  • Cut down on your consumption of meat. It won't harm your health in any way; if at all, improve it by eating less meats.
  • Walk to do your grocery if the distances are not huge. You'd save money and get good exercise to boot.
  • Shop at Goodwill/eBay. Do your research by comparing prices so that you buy at the best price.
  • Make your own baby food. It is easier than it sounds and can save you a bundle.
  • Have one car instead of two - ask yourself, if you really need that second one. Also, drive only when necessary and use public transportation when you can. Get up and about and walk if the distances are small. It won't harm your health one bit, apart from obviously saving on gas.
  • Make your own soaps if you can, especially homemade laundry soaps/detergents. You can find out how by searching for the method online.

  • Cut back on your TV and Internet package by determining if you really need specific services. Look for the best deals that work towards meeting your needs.
  • Unplug your electronic gadgets, if you are not using them. Electronic gadgets consume standby power - you can make some handsome savings on your energy bill by doing so.
  • Use cloth diapers for your babies when feasible. You really require disposable diapers only when you go out. Cloth diapers aren't that much difficult as you might think. Give them a try to see if you manage with it.
  • When possible, shop alone. Having kids with you when you shop invariably ends up becoming a costly affair.
  • Avoid shopping at Wal-Mart - you usually end up buying more than you need or planned to buy before you went in.
  • Put in several things in your oven at a time - if several things need baking.
  • Do your laundry when you have a full load.
  • Cut down or eliminate expensive vacations.
  • Don't go to malls, you won't be missing anything. There is nothing you'd get at the mall that you can't find elsewhere.
  • Shop at the farmer's market. It enables you to get the freshest produce apart from being a green and environment friendly alternative. You also support the local farmers that way.
  • Switch from your usual bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). These use about 75% less energy than normal bulbs and last 10 times longer.
  • Go camping at state parks and the like to save money.
  • Buy your meats from the local farmer/butcher. It works out cheaper and you'd be reassured about them not having steroids, hormones, etc.
  • These are just 36 easy ways to save money. If you put your mind to it, you may discover hundreds of other ways to save money. If you know where your money is going and are aware of your expenses, you can find out ways to cut back on them. So, be budget oriented, focused and disciplined towards achieving your financial goals. You'd be surprised at how much you really end up saving and how those dollars add up.


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    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 6 years ago

      Thanks, JD, for stopping by and commenting. Oh, yes, shopping on eBay has saved me a fortune as well!!

    • jdelias profile image

      jdelias 6 years ago

      All very good tips! Especially the one in regards to shopping on ebay. I've saved so much money ordering off of there, in particular through their "daily deals" category.

    • amithak50 profile image

      amithak50 6 years ago from India

      Making your own baby food can save you lot of money ..These tips are really great ..Thanks a lot

    • Karen N profile image

      Karen N 6 years ago from United States

      Good tips that we can all benefit from!

    • AJReissig profile image

      Alex J. Reissig 6 years ago from New Richmond, Ohio

      Great tips!

    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 7 years ago

      Thanks, Wendy, for stopping by and commenting. Glad you found the tips useful :)

    • profile image

      wendy87 7 years ago

      great useful tips specially for me...

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 7 years ago

      Great tips- thanks

    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 7 years ago

      Thank you, Simone, for stopping by and commenting. Glad you liked them :)

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Wow, these are all really, really good tips! Thank you so much for sharing them, and I rather agree with your sound advice!

    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 7 years ago

      Twilight, am glad you feel that way about my hubs - thank you!! I agree with what you say. The "great power" doesn't seem to be that "great" as it once used to be. Well, hopefully, some of the lost glory can be regained with some prudent fiscal management in the years ahead! Recycling is wonderful when possible, cuts costs and a very green thing to do as well!! Thanks for stopping by Twilight - having you around really brightens my day :)

    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 7 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      You are so right, Shil. I do like reading your hubs. I like your style of writing. We are more wrapped in cotton wool here, and I find it sad to read of that great power, the United States, has so many people who need to scrimp and save because so much that is free here as at a premium there. One of my missions in life, meagre as it may sound, is to recycle everything possible (without becoming an obvious weirdo).

    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 7 years ago

      Twilight, I guess differences are normal. One needs to find unique ideas based on one's own lifestyle/culture. The important thing is to make an effort!!

    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 7 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      I loved your hub, Shil, but because it showed so much the differences between our two cultures and lifestyles. So many of these don't apply in the UK, but regardless, you do talk sense.

      I'll go with eh energy efficient light bulbs for a start.


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