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43 Effective Ways To Make Money

Updated on June 12, 2014

Need some extra money? Whether you're thinking about long-term investments or you're perhaps just in need of some extra cash right now, then you've come to the right place. I've compiled this list of 43 ways to make money, and it's is guaranteed to give you a number of ideas that you will be able to use in your day to day life.

1. Start a website or blog

Write about your interests and passions and get paid for your efforts through ad revenue programs such as Adsense.

2. Freelance writing

If you're a talented writer then freelance writing can definitely earn you some extra money each month. Write and research articles for others and get paid through websites such as or

3. Sell your services on Fiverr

Design a logo, do javascript programming, record a testimonial, write articles, take photographs or send postcards...and get paid. You can create whatever type of "gig" (job) that you wish at Fiverr and get paid whenever someone places an order.

4. Create websites

If your'e particularly good at coding and designing websites then consider offering your services to small businesses in your area. You can furthermore also offer to spruce up their existing website and get paid either per project or at a certain hourly rate.

5. Sell stock photography

Are you a talented shutter-bug? Then why not sell your photos online to stock photography websites such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto or Dreamstime.

6. Create Wordpress or Blogger templates

Design beautiful Wordpress or Blogger themes and sell these custom made blog templates at reasonable prices.

7. Create an App

Create an app for Apple or Android. IPhones, iPads, or Android smartphones and tablets are definitely here to stay, so if you've got a good idea and the coding skills to match, then why not build an app? Make money from your app by selling it at an affordable price. Or offer it for free and earn money by displaying ads.

8. Sell arts & crafts on Etsy

If you're gifted with creative talents and are passionate about handmade crafts? Then Etsy is the perfect place for you to display your talents and earn money. Sell anything from handmade jewelry, custom art prints, decorative pillows to handcrafted furniture. Creative souls will absolutely love earning money on Etsy.

9. Sell used items on Ebay or Craigslist

Another way to earn some quick cash is to sell some of your used items. Sell dvds, books, decorative items, mirrors or paintings, furniture that's just gathering dust in the basement, or electronic devices that are still fully-functioning, but that have since been replaced with brand-new models, such as speakers, laptops, video games, or hi-fi systems. You never really know what people will ultimately buy, so just list as many things as you possibly can. And always remember, that one man's trash is another man's treasure, so don't ever think to yourself "I can't possibly sell this. No one will want to buy this." Because chances are, that the perfect buyer (or collector) will stumble upon your listing, and think that he's the luckiest man in the world.

10. Write hubs on Hubpages

Writing original, inspiring and helpful hubs on subjects that you're passionate about is a wonderful way to make money. Hubpages has set up a number of ways for you to earn money from your writing beginning with their own Hubpages Earnings Program to Adsense to Ebay and to Amazon Affiliate programs. So your bound to make money, one way or the other, if you just remember to write unique and useful content, and always remember that the more hubs you write the more money you'll make, simply due to the accumulative benefits.

So be patient, and write, write, write. :-)

Why not join Hubpages?

You can join Hubpages here.

11. Walking dogs

One of the most fun and pleasurable ways to earn money is to walk other people's dogs. What could be more enjoyable than getting some exercise, some fresh air and some lovable canine company.

12. Take care of other people's pets

When people go on vacation they often need someone to take care of their adorable little dog or perhaps their cute little cat. So why not offer to pet-sit for them? Pet-sitting is always a fun and easy way to earn some extra money.

13. Take care of kids

Babysitting for friends or neighbors for profit is also another option for making some extra money.

14. Recycle for profit

Recycle glass bottles, ink, aluminium, steel and used auto parts to make some quick money. You'll not only be earning cash but by going green you'll be protecting the environment at the same time.

15. Gardening - Sell your vegetables and herbs

If you've got a green thumb and a beautiful garden, then why not sell some of your vegetables and herbs? People love fresh vegetables and herbs and are often quite willing to pay a pretty penny for them. If you love gardening and if you're okay with selling some of your wares then this is a good way to make some money.

16. Sell homemade baked goods

Is baking one of your passions? Then earn some extra cash by whipping up your best muffins, cakes, pies and desserts and sell them to neighbors and friends.

17. Sew and design your own clothes brand and sell it online

Maybe you've studied fashion design...or perhaps you're just an imaginative and creative soul who loves to sew... either way it's really simple nowadays to set up shop online and market your clothes brand from there. You can create anything, street wear, evening dresses or even design your own line of baby clothes.

18. Print designs on t-shirts, mugs, iPhone cases, and sell them

Websites such as Cafepress and Zazzle allow you to create you own designs and earn money every time someone orders an item with your print design on it. If you're artistic and love designing your own merchandise, then give them a try.

19. Create royalty-free music

Musicians can earn money online buy creating royalty-free music, which is often used by webdesigners, filmmakers, commercial directors, games developers and motion graphics artists. These content creators often pay a one-time fee for the purchased song that not only gives them the legal rights to use the song for commercial purposes but also grants them the rights to use the song on various websites, platforms and different media without having to pay the musician royalties every time the song is played or re-played (hence the name, royalty-free music).

So musicians can earn money online by creating music and submitting their musical tracks to sites such as,,,, or Pond5 and Luckstock offer 50% of the attained revenue to the musician every time his track is downloaded from their site. It's sort of like the iStock or Shutterstock for musicians.

20. Become a personal trainer

If you can't get enough of sports, fitness or exercise on a daily basis, then consider becoming a personal trainer. Get your certification and create safe and effective exercise programs for your clients while providing them with motivation and guidance to achieve their fitness goals.

21. Place your money in a high interest savings account

Do a good amount of research for a couple of weeks to try to find the savings account that offers the highest yields. While the yields are admittedly quite low these days compared to what they were ten to fifteen years ago, its still extremely important to find the savings account that can give you the highest possible interest rate for your money. Compare the different types of high interest savings accounts and decide which one best fits your needs, and financial situation.

22. Trading stocks and trading forex

Investing in stocks is a way to build your wealth over a long period of time. But remember that there is always risk involved when investing in stocks, so never invest more than you can afford to lose, that's one of the most basic rules, that you should follow. Trading stocks - as opposed to investing in stocks - is a different strategy, since it pays more attention to the short-term price fluctuations of the stock market. These types of transactions based on day-to-day (or minute-to-minute) stock price fluctuations are extremely risky. Many short-term traders prefer therefore forex trading. When trading forex you are trading a combination of two currencies where one currency is being bought and the other one is being sold. However, Forex trading is still extremely high-risk as well since your losses can very quickly exceed your initial investments, and you would have to make further margin payments. So if you want to make money trading stocks or make money trading forex then you should be aware of the risks involved. This method for making money isn't the best suitable option for everyone.

23. Invest in real estate - but only if you can afford it

I know, I know. A great number of people are in the dire and devastating financial situations that they're in today BECAUSE they invested in real estate. But I must mention this, because it is a very viable option for people who are looking to buy property right now. But bear in mind, I mean people looking to buy property - and who can afford it. Prices of homes have decreased significantly in the previous years and buying real estate during a down market is just basically a good investment.

24. Tutoring

Are you good at math, languages or history? Then consider tutoring as a way to earn some extra money.

25. Have a garage sale

Gather everything that you don't use or don't need anymore and have a garage sale! Sell used books, old video games, dvd's, children's toys, clothes and jewelry. Garage sales are quite profitable, and as an added bonus, you get to declutter your home as well.

26. Fix up old furniture and sell it

If you're particularly good at spotting vintage furniture gems and giving them a few loving repairs, then there's money to be made. Reupholster a chair, give a coffee table a new finish, repair broken hinges or repaint a cupboard, and then sell the furniture again at a profit.

27. Refurbish old cell phones and laptops

If you've got the technical know-how to pull this off then refurbishing used cell phones and laptops can earn you quite a bit of money.

28. Rent out a room

A good way of earning extra money each month is to rent out a spare room in your house or apartment. Due to the financial crisis it's become fairly common practice that homeowner's rent out whatever spare rooms they have to lodgers. And more and more young people rent out the spare rooms in their apartments to friends or roommates to cut costs as well. This is a good way to earn some extra money every month, and if you're lucky you may even have the possibility to turn a profit.

29. Rent your room on Airbnb

Another great way that you can earn some extra money from your spare room is by renting it through Airbnb. Plenty of travellers around the globe prefer to stay in personal homes rather than in pricey, overcrowded hotels these days when they go on vacation. And naturally you can benefit from this new trend by renting a spare room in your home to these travellers.

30. Create vector packs, photoshop brushes or premium fonts

Graphic designers can earn some extra cash by creating vector packs, photoshop brushes, premium fonts, and the like, and sell these at a reasonable price.

31. Create custom-made productivity worksheets, budget templates, or weekly organizers in Excel

You can easily create custom-made productivity worksheets, budget templates, or weekly organizers in Excel, and sell these on your website.

32. Earn money using YouTube

By far, one of the most visited sites on the internet, YouTube's videos get more than 4 billion views per day. So naturally where the people go, the advertisers follow, and it's now become very easy to earn money from your videos on YouTube through the Adsense program. Earning money on YouTube is basically just about creating original and interesting videos (content), gaining an audience, and every time a viewer watches one of your videos with Adsense, you get paid money.

33. Become a virtual assistant

Become a virtual assistant and sell your services to small businesses on websites like Fiverr. Since more and more small business owners prefer to outsource the administrative and practical tasks such as data entry, research, etc. in order to be able to focus instead on the aspects of the business that they enjoy far more such as the creative work, this means that there is a growing demand for virtual assistants at the moment. Virtual assistants are usually hired per hour as a freelancer through the internet, however, if you maintain a good relationship with the business owner, then he or she will definitely keep hiring you again and again, turning a freelance job into a more stable position.

34. Sell your blood plasma

Earn money by selling your blood plasma to hospitals. You get paid $20 - $35 per pint, but not only are you making money, but your blood plasma donation helps save people's lives. Blood plasma is among other things used in blood transplants.

35. Sell your sperm (for the gents)

Sell your sperm for some quick cash.

36. Sell your eggs or breast milk (for the ladies)

Consider selling your eggs or your breast milk if you need money fast.

37. Be a "guinea pig" in paid clinical trials

You can earn money by participating in paid drug trials, and many students earn extra cash each year by volunteering in these paid clinical trials. If you don't mind being a "guinea pig" and subjecting your body to new medicines and treatments that have never been tested on humans before, and you are aware of the risks involved, then there's quite good money to be made.

38. Pawn your valuable items at a pawn shop

If you're really in a bind, and you need money right away, then you can pawn some valuable items at a pawn shop. Pawn gold or silver jewelry, watches, tools, electronics such as laptops or televisions, Xbox or Playstation consoles, iPhones, digital cameras, musical instruments, scanners, and printers. The pawn shop, however shady its reputation may be, is still a surefire way to "loan" small amounts of cash quickly and easily, by providing something you own of value as collateral.

39. Advertise on your car

Put ads on your car and get paid between $350 (£200) to $880 (£500) for just driving around in your vehicle. Companies such as, or use your car as an advertising "billboard" on the country roads or city streets.

40. Cleaning

Another way to make some extra money is by cleaning people's houses, garages, attics, or basement storage units.

41. Run errands

Pick up other people's dry cleaning, do their grocery shopping, or run other types of errands for some cash. Especially elderly men and women need help with their daily errands, and you can give them a hand and earn some money at the same time.

42. Direct Sales

Earn some extra money through direct sales. You can add a little extra cash in your pocket by selling well-known brands like Avon, Mary Kay or Tupperware door-to-door, to friends, at parties, or through your website.

43. Start your own business

By starting your own business you can offer services such as gardening upkeep, handyman work, delivering packages, moving van services, catering service, or doing people's taxes. Or you can start an online business and begin earning money online by creating original and captivating content and then using the different ad revenue programs to generate income.


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