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Email with subject BPI Fraud Security

Updated on June 21, 2016

BPI Express Online Website

As User of BPI Express Online (EOL) Banking

I'm a frequent user of Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) Express Online, most of my bills payment was done thru online and I find it very convenient. And I am a proud to be one of BPI's Client, which gives more options to its customers in banking, financing & investment.

The Content of Email

Being Not Aware

I was not even aware of this scam until I got an email with subject "BPI Fraud Security" from email address (beware of the email ad). Once I've read the message I automatically click the BPI VERIFICATION link, then a new explorer tab was opened as if you were diverted to BPI Express Online Website. And while I was filling up the User Name Info, I was suddenly looked up at the web address tab and it was Then I wandered, why is it not a site?

Sample of the Phishing Site - Update Personal Info


The Realization

Then I've realized, I was now scammed and now at phishing site almost gave all my details which in a blink of an eye my card will be hack. Oh well, thanks to my gut feeling that their is something wrong with the site I was diverted. So what I did, I immediately go to legit site of BPI, which I usually does when I'm Logging in then promptly change my password. To my success, it was changed and instantly call the BPI on their trunk 89-100 and report the said matter.

Here is the Advice from BPI Website


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