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Earn Quick Cash Money Easy

Updated on August 14, 2016

Make money riding your bike or even skateboarding

If you love to be outside and riding your bike, then you can make money with a delivery service.
If you love to be outside and riding your bike, then you can make money with a delivery service. | Source
If cats is your hobby-cat sitting is very profitable
If cats is your hobby-cat sitting is very profitable | Source
Our newspaper boy can deliver faster on his roller blades.
Our newspaper boy can deliver faster on his roller blades. | Source
One, I did of a friend of mine. LOL. Not to bad though .I  enjoyed doing it.
One, I did of a friend of mine. LOL. Not to bad though .I enjoyed doing it. | Source

What To Do?

Entrepreneurship Can Be Fun

Are you a student going back to school or even college? Maybe the thought of cutting grass, painting, washing cars, weeding gardens and doing other odd jobs to fill the emptiness in your pockets does not thrill you. You could make money from something; you do for fun, your hobbies.

The hobbies that you already enjoy can make you money. Do you like baseball? You can umpire baseball games for twenty-five dollars a game at your neighborhood Baseball diamonds.

Some students love to play music. You could be a Disc Jockey and play music at neighborhood parties and weddings. This gig could be paid by the hour or evening. You could busk on an downtown street corner. In Stratford, Busking cost thirty-five dollars for the season. This is exactly how Justin Bieber got his start ,playing his guitar on ther Avon theatre steps in downtown Stratford. You never know, you could become the next hot pop star.

Did you say you like animals? You could get a job walking dogs or house sitting, looking after dogs and cats while owners are on vacation. People will pay upwards of twelve dollars an hour to trust someone with their beloved canine family member for a day, evenings. This job can become an excellent income when your reputation of a good walker gets out and you walk four or five dogs at once.

If skateboarding, roller blading or biking is your sport; you could look into a delivery service. There is a lot of cash to be made delivering letters for business and groceries for people who are unable to leave their homes because of illness or handicaps.

Delivering papers is a favorite for roller bladders. Our paperboy brags he can do his route in half the time on his skates instead of getting on and off his bike

If you are an artist sitting downtown with your easel doing peoples portraits or selling scenes of your downtown core, for twenty dollars a pop is loads of fun.

The list can go on and on. Almost all of your hobbies could make money, if you really think about it. Having a hobby that makes money is one thing, but if no one knows of your product or service—how can you sell it?

You need to advertise.

First step: You give your service or product a name. Then, you make up a slogan and get it printed on business cards and flyer's at your local office supply store for a few cents a card. The more business cards you order the less you pay per card.

Second step: You spend some time putting these cards and flyer's all over town. Some good places are neighborhood stores, Laundromats, bulletin boards at grocery stores, and bowling alleys. You can also give them to your parents friends. You can put them up anywhere in town. Remember, it is always a good policy to ask permission first before you leave your cards.

Sometimes good jobs come from talking about your business cards. The store owner will get to know you and your service and pass it on to people that come in his store. This is the best advertising of all, positive word of mouth from people that know you and your work ethics.

If you don’t have the money for business cards, don’t worry; you can make them out of paper yourself. There have been many creative cards and flyer's made on your computers. Use color paper to print them on so they stand out more on the bulletin boards. Remember being creative and having fun will make you money.

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