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Exclusive Article Directory

Updated on August 7, 2010

Exclusive Article Directory

This is Freelance is a rapidly growing article directory.
This is Freelance is a rapidly growing article directory.

Introduction to This is Freelance

This is Freelance is the latest Article Directory to hit the Internet. Unlike other article directories, the This is Freelance article directory has a strict admission policy to reduce spam, and increase the overall quality of the website

This exclusiveness helps to ensure that the articles which you write are not having to compete with a large number of spun and spam articles which permeate through the majority of Article directories online.

This is Freelance Article Directory

You can visit This is Freelance today!

The Benefits of This is Freelance

If you are accepted to be a writer at This is Freelance Article Directory you will recieve some great benefits which will not only earn you money, but also help you promote your other websites!

At This is Freelance we aim to provide an author orientated service which gives our authors a fantastic earning opportunity, as well as the usual SEO benefits of an article directory. Some of the benefits you can find on This is Freelance are,

  • 60/40 share of advert impressions with Adsense and Amazon
  • The ability to add your own Amazon adverts.
  • Add your own Do-Follow backlinks to your own articles and websites, including Hubpages!
  • Earn through affiliate programs such as Clickbank
  • Get the traffic and SEO benefits of being part of a high quaity group of writers.
  • Learn from the best, with some great writers, editors and SEO experts chatting and helping in our community forum.
  • You always maintain ownership of your own work!

How to Become a Writer at This is Freelance

Becoming a writer at the This is Freelance requires you to pass a simple screening process. The easiest way to pass this process is to provide your Hub profile link, if you have more than 50 quality hubs then you are more than likely to get a place on our site!

if you fulfil these requirements you can register Here!

This is Freelance Article Writing Rules

To keep the quality high at the This is Freelance Article Directory we do have to keep several rules in place to ensure that the site remains spam free and traffic heavy!

The rules to follow are,

  • Each article needs to be a minimum of 300 words.
  • Every article must be placed in the correct catagory, and with the correct tags.
  • Articles must be unique.
  • Articles must be non-spam and informative.
  • Articles can have two external links and two internal links.  Exceptions can be made under special circumstances.
  • Clicking on your own advertisments is completely prohibited.

Why Join This is Freelance

This is Freelance is an exclusive article directory which helps you build an additional revenue stream, and a great source of do follow backlinks to your websites. Do Follow backlinks are essential for getting your websites and articles to the top of Google's search engine rankings. Finding quality do follow backlinks, but at this is freelance you will be able to create as many as you want, in articles which are relevant to the site they are linking to!


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    • TattooVirgin profile image

      TattooVirgin 6 years ago

      Awesome content and much appreciated as an exclusive article directory is a great resource. I found this while searching for the term freelance, you came up #1 result. :)

    • profile image

      Alex Jhon 6 years ago

      Interesting post you did here exclusive article directory really help you done great job guys thanks and keep it up..)