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Fashion savvy shopping at Bailey's Crossroads, Falls Church

Updated on June 7, 2013

I recently came to the states but I have started doing my adventure looking for great deals for my fashion purchase. I am staying in Falls Church area, which is within 30 minutes radius of Washington D.C. My first impression coming over this area is that the items are always gone, perhaps it's due to the population here. Anyway, after doing the fashion hunt with my partner, of course, my husband, I discovered the main area where I should focus when doing the shopping.

Basically, I shop for price. So, I "attack" the Clearance sections all the time. No way that I'm going to pay full price. I'm that kind of person. Anyway, these are the shops that is near to Bailey's Crossroads. Not much options. Yet, you can still steal the deal.

1. Tank Tops

My first option is the Old Navy. I got all of my tank tops for $3 each during the sales. Which is good because their regular price for the tops are $9. Since I'm a size zero petite Asian lady, this is my main store for tank tops. They fit well. Plus, register as a member and get 20% off your next purchase.

I got this sweater for free!
I got this sweater for free! | Source

2. Sweaters

I don't really buy first hand sweaters. I do, but not all the time. However, I found that Goodwill Thrift Store is the best place to get good sweaters. Mainly, people do their spring cleaning and usually, the sweaters go out first. Secondly, there are a lot of good brands sold. Think of it this way: Washington DC area has a lot of people come and go. So, when people leave, they usually donate. Selling is kinda rough even though if it's on eBay or Craigslist. Again, try Goodwill and you'll never look back. What's up with $5.98 for a $79.99 sweaters? Ain't it a good deal?

Just $5 from Goodwill
Just $5 from Goodwill | Source

3. Shoes

Babe, I'm a bit insane when it comes to shoes. Ok. I wouldn't recommend DSW. They are cheap but not that cheap - unless you come with their coupons. They do sell good shoes with some branded items but the price is still crazy high. I would say the best places are Target and Burlington's Coat Factory. Target's shoes sold out very fast. When you like a pair that you like, buy it immediately. You probably won't see them tomorrow. Burlington's is good. I just bought a great boots for $21.99. But that won't beat my $5 booties from Goodwill. There are also nice ones in ROSS, yet I couldn't find something nice for my size there. As guilty as I can be, I signed up to JustFab and also purchased my shoes there. Anyway, they cost $39.95 each. You can try if your budget is up to that range.

Yay or Nay?
Yay or Nay?

4. Accessories

Definitely Burlington's Coat Factory. I found 5 pairs of earrings worth $0.48/pair. Nope, they are in perfect condition. Just in time for clearance for Spring/Summer. Their necklaces are worth it! I made a visit to Eastern Flea Market in DC and oh my, those hand made necklaces are $20 (p.s. you can find almost the same design at Burlington's for $7.99!) That's $12 save.

5. Dresses

Hit the Old Navy store and Burlington's Coat Factory. Old Navy doesn't really offer petite size for dresses. But, be creative and hit the mini dress area if you need a cute dress for you. Meanwhile, ROSS has awesome choices as well. Sometimes you will be surprise what you can find there. I got a cute red dress from Burlington's for just $5.99! Yes. And I can wear it with my pearl necklace.

My cobalt Nine West bought at ROSS
My cobalt Nine West bought at ROSS

6. Handbags

Handbags drive me crazy. Super crazy. My husband truly understands my desire and he keeps up with the colors of handbags that I have. So, we hit up to Goodwill for second hand selections. But, they don't really have good candy arms all the time. Our second option is ROSS. Third would be the Burlington's Coat Factory (the branch near Seven Corners). I bought quite fancy XOXO handbag for $14 and Nine West Envelope Clutch for $15.99.


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