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Fast Cash from Passive Income

Updated on November 4, 2009

Passive Income

In these tough economic times it pays to have multiple incomes of your own.  I will show you how to set up and create income from your computer with a few hundred dollars at most.  It is reall pretty easy to do but it will take some time for the income to come in.

Types of Passive Income

1. Domain Parking - You simply register a few domain names for .99 each using .info from - then park them there. Parking is letting a register like godaddy put ads on your site and when someone clicks on the ads you split the profit.  So no work is involved on your part, Buying 50 of the .info names will only cost less than $50, use code EMFB1 at godaddy to get 10% off your order.

2. Web-Sites - Buy already set-up web-sites for $10-$50 at e-bay, type in websites for sale and buy one to get the hang of it.  You will make your money by affiliates like amazon, ebay, google when someone clicks on their ad.  Make sure when you buy the site that the seller inputs your affiliate ID so that your account gets credited.  Once this is done your in business, all you need to do is advertise on the internet for free, money will begin to come in.

3. Writing - Places like e-how, mylot, etc. have ways to make money from articles like this one.  If you click on a ad in this or any other article the writer makes money.  Putting the articles together is already formated with their software.  It is simple to do and you will make money long after you write the articles.


Making passive money is really very easy.  It takes some money, patience and a little training, but once you get the hang of it your making money long after the work is put in.  Trust me it is very simple, all you need is some time and motivation.


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