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Feel Rich (At Least, for the Moment)

Updated on August 9, 2015
... and definitely richer than you really are!
... and definitely richer than you really are!

IT HAS BEEN SAID, “if you want to feel rich, just count the things you have now that money can’t buy”. This is actually true. I mean many people are working hard for the money and forget to realize that what they actually want is just to find a quite place to read his or her favorite book (or go fishing).

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that money is not important. Of course it is! But, how about you take time, make some soul searching, then ask yourself how much money you really need to enjoy this life? Have you ever thought that once you leave this world, you cannot even bring a single penny with you?

I would like to reiterate that I am not saying that money is not important. I am also not suggesting that you go on a “splurge” and spend every dime that you have now. Yes, go on saving for the future! What this is all about is for us to realize that, even in this very materialistic world, there are things that money can be short in making us happy. But of course, money is important.

However, if your funds in the bank is slowly dripping away or you have been living on a “payroll to payroll” existence where money is a becoming a commodity difficult to find and earn, how do you get away and feel rich?

If you want feel rich then try feeling rich now

It is the “now” that actually matters. Come to think of it, what has been said is true – “if you are depressed, you live in the past; if you are worried, you live in the future; but if you are happy, you live in the moment.” However, I am not saying that the past has to be forgotten and the future be left to chance. What I wish to convey is the importance of living in the present. We have to enjoy, what we have right now (with stress on the word “right now”!). I mean we got to live the moment…

If you are reading this hub, enjoy it. Do not just breeze into this. If you plan to read a classic, take your time and enjoy every page. Challenge yourself of not getting distracted. Try if you can focus on every page or in every chapter without getting distracted by your thoughts about that water bill you still have to pay. Try reading non-stop for an hour and immerse yourself in the story. In this way, you can enjoy what you are doing at the moment and not feel wanting.

If you are living in the moment while reading your favorite book, imagine how much money do you actually need to be happy? None, is it not? Again, of course we need money to live, to pay for our expenses and to ensure our daily survival – yet somehow when we are living in the moment - where money is not a necessity – we can instantly feel rich.

Sometimes, in the midst of this very materialistic world, a quite place to read - where you have no worries and nothing to think about - except to enjoy that book you are holding is all that we really desire.

Appreciate what you have that money cannot buy

That message is true - “if you want to feel rich, just count the things you have now that money can’t buy.” This statement is true, yet in the midst of our financial woes and confusion we tend to forget that we still have something that is priceless and beyond the realm of human commerce.

When was the last time, have you ever been to a museum and appreciate a painting? As you look at that very beautiful painting, have you not forgotten to appreciate that you have eyes to see such an astounding creation? Would you trade those eyes that see that famous painting for a very large sum of money in the bank?

Even if you are differently abled, just look around you. Stop and appreciate the various things you have that money cannot buy. If you got those beautiful children around you, would you exchange them for money? Just stop and think for a moment and try to realize the blessings you have and are considered priceless.

Focus on the things that you have

Learning to focus on the things that you have, rather than on the things that you do not have can greatly help us in feeling rich. Try to look at those things that make you feel as if you are not wanting. Appreciate the things that you have.

Honestly, focusing on the things that you have is more difficult during those times when everything is on a downturn and your friend has just bought the latest gadget. But, if we learn to appreciate what we have, we do not feel deprived. We feel full, abundant and rich! But why do we always focus on what we do not have?

Perhaps, it is related with our tendency to focus on the negative aspect of life. It is almost a cliché that if a white and clean handkerchief but with a black spot is taken for a crowd to see, what is immediately noticed is the black spot. Whatever is behind that negative psychology, it cannot be denied that it is very difficult not to notice that black spot. Yet, the white and clean portion of the handkerchief is several times greater than the ugly black spot.

Similarly, in this life of insatiable accumulation of wealth, focusing and thereafter being contented with what we have is a tough call. It is difficult to close our eyes to what is being sold on ebay or in those gigantic malls.

However, if we can “re-focus” our attention into that white and clean portion of the handkerchief away from the black spot, we can see a much “positive” portion of the cloth. In the same manner, if we can “re-focus” our attention to what we have and veer away from what we do not have, we can immediately feel good about ourselves and somehow have that feeling of being rich.

Just try applying this principle in our daily lives. Focus on what you already have and see the results. Let the “good vibes” of already having what you want to dominate your thoughts and eventually you would "feel good" and “richer” than you really are.

Share or give without expecting anything in return

A lot has been said about giving or sharing and not expecting something in return. If you give or share without expecting something back, it would definitely give greater and unexpected benefits. It has been repeatedly said that giving is for the giver and not for the recipient.

If you give, you instantly feel that you are not wanting. You immediately feel that what you have is an excess and that you are surrounded with abundance. With that feeling of abundance, through giving and sharing, you immediately feel rich.

If we are not in a position to give money or anything material, share your talent, any information you know or render even the simplest assistance to those in need. Once you have shared something, you immediately feel good and rich in return.

Feel rich instantly by looking good

A dwindling bank account is definitely not an excuse for us not to look good. Try wearing your best when going to the office or in attending special occasions despite your present economic situation. If you wear clothes that somehow convey the idea of being rich, you yourself would likewise feel rich in an instant.

When money is becoming an awful issue in our life, we tend to deprive our self by keeping that beautiful outfit in the closet and hoping for the day when wearing it is more practical. We begin to deprive ourselves with simple joys that make us happy.

Let us not forget that the greatest asset we have, more than the expensive suit we hide in the closet, is our self! If we take care of our self - feel good and look good - we eventually feel rich. Instead of keeping that outfit of yours locked away in the closet – wear it, feel good and feel rich! Go on and buy your favorite cup of coffee!

Try walking or running in the park

If you still have the energy or the capacity to walk or run in the park, are you not rich? Just stop for a moment and try to realize how rich you are if you can still walk or run continuously for an hour in the park. Try asking yourself, would you rather have a million in the bank and yet strapped in a hospital bed somewhere?

Sometimes, we forget how “rich” we are in the midst of this life where everything is anchored on something material. Always remember, “health is wealth”! Having a healthy physical body is more valuable than a fat bank account. If you want to feel rich in an instant, why not take a walk or a run? Keep moving and feel healthy! Eventually, you would feel the “richness” in you.

Utilize the power of prayer

This of course is the most important and powerful way to feel rich!

Prayer is the most effective way of unleashing that power where material things are no longer considered as the most important thing in this world. With prayer, we begin to understand that being rich is not aligned with material wealth. If we anchor our feeling of being rich not on something material, chances are we can feel rich even with just a few savings in the bank or with nothing at all.

Thus, if you want to feel rich in an instant, find a quite corner and pray. During bad economic times, even the worse of times, we should never forget to pray and remember that material things are temporary and fleeting. Do not forget that no one gets out of this world with a single penny.


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    • theBAT profile image

      theBAT 2 years ago

      AliciaC, thank you for reading this hub.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      There is some great advice in this hub! Thank you for sharing it.