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Financial Issues Fast Answers

Updated on April 22, 2010

Mark C Middleton - Personal Success and the Bottom Line

Mark C. Middleton
Mark C. Middleton
Personal Success and the Bottom Line
Personal Success and the Bottom Line

Financial Planning

We live in a world with "Fast Food' expectations. Often we look for a "Fast Food" answer to both simple and complex questions or issues. In this spirit and to satisfy that demand, I offer the following answers to some investing questions without much detail or explanations.

In our current low interest environment, to achieve a reasonable return with the lowest cost, here are some simple rules to consider:

1. Only use a dependable on-line brokerage such as Scottrade, Ameritrade, ETrade, etc.

2. Listen to the "Experts' but make your own decisions based upon your research, risk- tolerance, needs and goals.

3. Almost never (maybe never) blindly follow advice from anyone that has a vested interest in your decision, i.e. avoid the "Salesman" advice. Seek out fee-based advisors when needed.

4. Don't buy Mutual Funds. Instead consider Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). Mutual Funds have significant fees, charges, sales restrictions and trade restrictions. ETF's do not.

5. Diversify, diversify, diversify your investments.

6. Never purchase an Annuity. High fees, commissions and redemption penalties.

7. Only purchase Term life insurance and only to the extend (amount) actually needed.

8. Seek out others with similar goals and brainstorm your ideas.

9. Keep an open mind. You won't always know or have all the answers.

10. Do your homework. To be informed is to be prepared. Research new investments. Review existing investments and measure there performance and adjust as necessary.

Your individual investment and saving circumstance are unique, just like everyone else, and the preceding is presented not as advice but only for Information and consideration. You should seek out qualified advice before taking or not taking any actions.

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