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Financially independent women: How to create passive cashflow money and be wealthy, successful?

Updated on May 31, 2013
Financially independent women
Financially independent women | Source

Robert Kiyosaki about Financial IQ

Financially independent women

All of us crave to be financially independent and live freely without any worries and dependencies. Becoming a financially independent women can be even more tricky. Women hormones tick in with her age and bring her to new phases of life like marriage, motherhood. These phases of life are very important and very few women can resist it and give full time to their career and independence. Many single career women do crave for family and even though financially independent, they feel as if they are missing the fullness of life. Most of us, whether due to cultural, family pressures or our own biological settings, tend to move towards marriage and most likely, parenthood. Then, how can we enjoy marriage, motherhood and become a financially independent women too? This is a big question that causes many families to jeopardize their happy lives and women to wonder why they work so hard.

Being financially independent women, simply implies that your monthly personal expenses are smaller than your monthly passive income. It can include your living cost, daily expenses, eating, etc and if you have family, your family expenses. Financial independence is closely tied with passive income.

The concept of passive income is taught by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, famous financial teachers, who teaches financial independence all over the world. Passive income is simply the income that you earn without actively working in present. It deposits money in your account without you going to office. Online books like "Rich dad, Poor dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, are great books to read if you want to begin your journey on financial education. Here, I will be listing some simple ideas how women can become financially independent by planning ahead of children.

Simple methods by which women can create cashflow money streams:

1. Financially independent women can go for smart properties. Not all properties, are assets. Buying some property can cause you to invest huge money and lose money during selling too. Net income from property, implies that monthly rental income is more than the monthly mortgage installments. If net income is possible and the down-payment is small, it can be a smart move to buy this property. It can give you monthly passive cashflow when you are starting your family. Read Robert Kiyosaki book on real estate investment, to get a better idea on property investment and how to make the passive cashflow stream a reality.

2. Financially independent women can go for Royalty income. Royalty income can be from books that you have written or the articles that you have written online. Hubpages is a great online way to earn passive income. You can publish articles and let it mature, get ranking in google. After few months, most likely you can see the returns of your hard work and money coming it.

It can also be in the form of Youtube videos if you are camera and video savvy. Online videos can be uploaded and if they are unique, useful and interesting, people will visit again and again. Any copyright that you own can give you royalty income. Royalty incomes can be very beneficial for women who want to give up their jobs and focus on family for few years. They maintain their financial independence and still have quality time to nurture family and have some free time for themselves.

3. Financially independent women can go for dividend income. Dividend is the money that you earn if you own stock or underlying commodity in financial market. It is given to shareholders and you need to own the share during the dividend date, to qualify for it. If you want to be financially independent women, you can start with short courses in investment or reading books of well known investors like Warren Buffett. While still holding a full time job, you can start putting a small amount of money for investment. Finally, when you can earn good handsome monthly money from dividends, you can think of taking a break from job and plan to have children. It is a win-win situation. You have the money to take independent decisions, time to spend with your children, spouse, parents, children and most important, yourself. Most career women with children, working 9 to 5 jobs, feel as if they are running a marathon. It is good to take a pause and think about the meaning of life and enjoy the simple beauty of nature. Dividend income can be a good way to achieve a good lifestyle and happy family life.

We all have choices. We need to think creatively to solve our problems and life is a beauty. Financially independent women with happy, stable and peaceful family is possible. Women just need to think out of box and find ways in which they can do something creative, help others and at the same time, help themselves by being financially independent. I hope all women who read this article and have a desire to be financially independent, may achieve it in due time. All the best!


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 5 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Amandasaliba. It is my pleasure that you enjoyed reading this article.

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      amandasaliba 5 years ago from Memphis, TN.

      I enjoyed this very much.

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      Ruchi Urvashi 5 years ago from Singapore

      Hi BSLoan, Thanks for your feedback and appreciation!

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      Barbara Sloan 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Great article, enjoyed reading it.