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Find the Best Online Deal

Updated on June 22, 2011

Find the Best Online Deal

The first thing taught at Selling School is "Everybody wants a bargain." Web sites spring up like mushrooms under the front porch of an Appalachian homestead during a particularly humid period in August. Every site promises rock-bottom deals on popular items. Many items traverse multiple sites. When a manufacturer in Asia manufacturers too many gizmos, these sites provide outlets. Everyone wins, including payment processing systems.

What comprises a good deal? You'll know it when you see it. Not all of need feel the need to own a high-tech steak knife or an electronic mushroom slicer. Markets may be narrow, but the pool of potential consumers looms large. The Internet is a big place.

Here are some great places to find find the best online deal. Shop 'til you drop, but don't expect to find a food court unless you plan to shake out your keyboard onto your desk.

Woot mixes a daily online deal with razor sharp copy. You might not crave the best online deal on a nose hair trimmer or solar powered Frappuccino machine, but reading their come-ons makes it all worthwhile. Sub-woots include daily products for kids, shirts, and wines.

Woot has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Along with selling stuff to you, the site offers blogs and community chats. Obviously their customer base is loyal.

DailySteals focuses on a single product each day, but without the slickness of woot. Most products are technology-based. We observed a set of battery-powered flashing dog collars, which were an extremely fashion conscious application of LED technology.

Shopping.Yahoo consolidates bargains from numerous name brand retailers and manufacturers. Be prepared for flashy dashy Web 2.0 graphics and animations. Banner ads abound. It's the Sunday color supplement with sound and fury. On the "Deals" tab we found women's sweaters from JC Penny for $2. Shipping was flat-rated at $6.

Everyone wants a good deal. Even disembodied hands.
Everyone wants a good deal. Even disembodied hands. | Source


Way back in the dark ages of the Internet, a few very smart people realized the power and value of domain names. Registering the name "" probably paid for a Mercedes or three. Where else you gonna go for online deals?

This site provides basic no frills categorized shopping along with a nifty search feature titled "What are you searching for?". You can sign in to create shopping lists. A few banner ads and coupons from big box stores appear at the bottom of the home page, but overall the site is built for speed. Shop 'til you drop.


Perhaps the same Internet genius who registered also snapped up All the high-tech gadgets you could ever imagine have been instantiated here. Mixed in with the digital doodads are luggage, jewelry, musical instruments, books, and most of the same gewgaws sitting on shelves at any Target store.


The basic premise at being that all their stuff was snatched up from manufacturers and retailers who didn't have the space to store it, we see that every item sports a 'was' price and a 'sale' price or a 'compare at' price and a 'today' price. If you can't part with a nickel unless you're convinced you're receiving a dime's worth of value, this is the site for you.The webmasters bend over backwards to make you feel thrifty. is well known for their free shipping offers.


Specializing in technology products, has created one of the absolute best shopping experiences on the Internet. Somebody over there 'gets it.'

Shopping for a motherboard? The site automagically calls up compatible CPU and memory expansion options. Each product includes tabs for User Reviews, Warranty Information, What's in the Box, Detailed Specifications, and a Photo Gallery. The filtering tools are amazing. Almost every product category can be sliced and diced by numerous sub-categories. Any self-respecting computer geek will spend hours browsing.


Most online shopping sites offer a daily email service to relieve you of the burden of browsing through  their pages.  Look for infrequent free shipping offers or coupons from major vendors and retailers.


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