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Finding Great Items to Re-sale on Ebay: 10 Garage Sale Tips.

Updated on March 2, 2012

Follow These 10 Garage Sale Tips

  1. Plan out the sales you want to go to the night before based on distance from you, and the time they start. You don't want to waste time on the day of the sales planning.
  2. Get to the sales as early as possible (preferably 1/2 hr before the starting time). The good stuff will be gone fast once people are allowed in so don't miss out. Remember "the early bird catches the worm.
  3. Bring lots of small bills (1s, 5s, 10s, and a few 20s). Chances are you will not be spending $500 on an item so large bills will be of no use. Especially since the people running the sale may not have much change.
  4. Always ask about items you are intersted in even if they don't have them out. They may have the items inside and forgot about them or didn't think they were worth selling. This works especially well with coins, jewelry, and toys.
  5. Look for items that are made in europe, of fine quality. Hand painted is good. Signed is even better.
  6. If you have a smart phone don't forget to use it to look up items so you know whether to buy.
  7. If the item is cheap (.25-$2) and looks nice or interesting but you know nothing about it buy it anyway. At that price you wont regret the purchase, but if you pass it up and later find out it is worth a lot you will regret that.
  8. Look for items with association to famous places, people, cartoons, or teams.
  9. If you see a sale with high priced items and the people won't haggle come back at the very end of the sale. They will probably give you a good discount.
  10. If at all possible pile a bunch of stuff together and try to get one price for the lot. You can get stuff real cheap that way.

Some Items to Look For

  • Beatrix Potter figurines (pay no more than $5-10)
  • Imari Porcelain (Some peices can bring bery high prices)
  • Old Advertising signs (coke, pepsi, gas, famous brands)
  • straight razors
  • vintage razors and shaving accessories
  • Old cookbooks (famous chefs, specific cultures)
  • Costume jewelry (odd pieces, rhinestones)
  • zippo lighters (older the better)
  • knives (odd handles with bone, carvings, brass, etc.)
  • diecast cars
  • old stieff teddy bears


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