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Finding Happy Medium Between Writing and Relaxing

Updated on October 22, 2011

When you have a ton of kids (I only have three but it feels like have a ton of them) finding time to do your own thing is tough. If you are writing for fun, money, or both then finding or making time for this activity is difficult to come by.

If you have kids, a wife, a house, and at least one car then finding time to relax is almost impossible. It is fortunate that I have a day job so I don't really need the money. But I think about the future and don't know if the savings are going to be enough for the family. The time to address the future is now. The writing work can be treated like a stock on websites that provide revenue sharing for your articles. As long as the website that supports the article is still in operation then the money should accumulate if that article is good and has traffic.

At the same time, writers should address their health and take a break from too much writing. The future won't be too much fun if you become unhealthy later. The work and play parts in life should be kept in mind. No one can really force you to work or play. It is entirely up to you.


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