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Making money with home Yard Sales

Updated on July 10, 2015

Yard Sales

I know when people think yard sale they think cheap. That's what brings people out into the world in search of deals. You can get some really cool stuff at yard sales. One person's junk is another mans treasure. That's what they say isn't it? Well here are a few ideas that you can use to make a few extra bucks at you home yard sale.


You can probably advertise for free at your local grocery stores and on the poles around your local area. At the grocery store you know those cork boards the have hanging at the exits where you always see a bunch of papers hanging. Well you can hang it there a people will see it on the way out of the store. The poles around your local area people will see as they drive by. Other place you can advertise your yard sale for free is your local Craigslist online.If you don't mind paying you can advertise in your local paper.

Setting up

Setting up the night before is usually a pretty good idea because that way there isn't a lot of prep work to be done first thing in the morning. You get your have a fresh cup of coffee with out rushing around trying to get everything set up and ready.

If your worried about thieves in the night then and you don't have a garage to keep your items in the at least keep them at the ready organized right inside the door. There is nothing like 5 or 6 a.m. sleepy eyes running around trying to set up and organize a disorganized mess. It makes for a very long and not very nice day.

Getting Free Help

See if you can induct one of your friends to help you. You may just be going through stuff or setting up the night before but it will definitely help. Four hands are better then two. Get you family involved. Your teens will probably give you a hard time at first but they will eventually come around. The little ones though they may have a few issues getting rid of some of their stuff. I have found when getting teens and little ones alike to help money is always the way to go. What they sell the keep, but they have to help you go through and set up the other stuff first.

Food and Drink

When people go out early on a Saturday morning and star yard sling the get hungry and thirsty. It's always a good idea to for the morning to have baked good and coffee . For the afternoon breakout that grill and throw on some hamburgers and hot dogs. Have some soda, lemonade and water in a cooler. Believe me sometimes especially if i's a community yard sale people will come to your house just to get some food! They get hungry with all that walking and shopping.


Make sure you put a price tag on everything. When I personally go to a yard sale, flea market, or rummage sale I won't usually ask what the price of something is unless I really want it. I will haggle if I think the cost is set to high but I'll walk past it if I don't see a price tag on it. Don't be to greedy either. Try and make the price so that neither you or your customer is getting ripped off. You don't want to short change yourself or them.

One final note

Make sure you have change for your customer's and bags. Lots and lots of bags. Nowadays some people carry those reusable grocery bags with them but most people don't so make sure you have bags for you customers. If you have a lot of glass wares make sure you have some newspaper too so you can wrap the stuff that they buy up and protect it from damage. Remember have fun with it.

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