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Five undervalued stocks that are about ready to pop

Updated on August 12, 2012

I have put together a list of Five stocks for short term investement. These are high risk stocks with an oppertunity for high return but also a possibility of big loss. As a rule of thumb, invest only what you cna lose and alwyas do your own research before purchasing any stocks.

1) Hemispherx Biopharma (HEB)- Current Price $2.11. This Biotech had a FDA PDUFA decision for May 25 when the FDA said it could take couple more weeks. The decision has been long overdue and the stock has been trading in very high Volume. An approval can send this stock skyrocketing. This stock is expected to have high volume and be on the rise this week.

2) Cell Therapeutics (CTIC)- Current Price $1.38. Another Biotech who recently finished a rolling submission for FDA approval, the stock is currently undervalued and can see a substantial rise in next couple months.

3) Paragon Shipping Inc (PRGN)- Current $4.05

4) FEED- Current $ 5.68, should be able to hold couple months to make significant profit.

5) TGB- Copper industry- Current $1.73,

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