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Fiverr Scammers List

Updated on January 5, 2013

Fiverr is an excellent website that allows you to do microjobs for $4 (the site takes a $1 fee per sale), which is great if you can deliver something such as a guide to buyers that means that you need to put in very little work to get your money.

However, a big problem with Fiverr is the scammers that are on it. There are two main types of scammers on Fiverr. The first variety is those that decide that they'll let you do the work and then, after all your hard work and when you've delivered the work, they'll say that they no longer want it, or it's not up to their standard and immediately request a refund.

These people are horrible scammers, although the other variety is just as bad. The scam buyers are those that lurk on the site promising things such as social bookmarks (note that not all social bookmark gigs are scams, I'm just using this as an example), and promise to deliver it in x amount of days. Then, when the deadline comes, they deliver a duff file that many people won't check anyway since they believe their sites have been submitted as bookmarks.

This is a huge problem since people are losing their money. Whilst it's not a huge amount, when you consider that these scammers are making a living from Fiverr in this manner, it makes things a lot more seedy, and as such, these scammers should be named and shamed for their actions.

I've actually made a blog dubbed the 'Fiverr Scam List'. I'll be updating this regularly to help prevent other people being scammed as sometimes the admins are powerless to help you. Please visit the blog and help spread it around those that you know use Fiverr to help them from being scammed!

Please don't let the scammers put you off from using the site either as a buyer or a seller. It's great for either purpose, and you if you're really successful, you can charge more than $5 per gig depending on what you have to offer.

The thing to remember though is that if you ever have any problems with a potential scam, contact the admins right away. This may even include people offering to pay outwith of the website. Unless you're sure you can trust them, never agree to this. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 5 years ago

      You're welcome. Glad the list helped.

    • madisonelise profile image

      Madison Elise 5 years ago from Virginia

      I''ll consider myself warned. Thank you for the compilation.

    • ologsinquito profile image

      ologsinquito 5 years ago from USA

      This is very good that you're warning others. The people trying to earn money with Fiverr are working for very low wages as it is. Many are probably unemployed or underemployed and struggling to survive. These guys you mentioned on your blog are defrauding the poor.