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7 tips to become successful in Fiverr

Updated on July 14, 2013

Have you ever heard of Fiverr? Fiverr is a popular website people can buy or sell service also known as gigs, only for 5 dollars. Many top internet freelancers are making 4-figure amount per month from Fiverr. Besides, it is a great place for buyers to buy varieties of service only for 5 dollars, which is very cheap compare to other source.

Do you have any hidden talent which can be utilized in Fiverr? You don't really need to be a pro to start in Fiverr. You can start selling your gig instantly without any hassle. People are making money in Fiverr by, writing short articles, translating languages, designing logo and banners, advertising , recording song, making funny video, bizarre dancing, drawing cartoons, promoting links in social media etc.

Getting started in Fiverr is very easy. However you might need to know some basic tips to become successful in Fiverr. So, in this article I will describe some useful to achieve your goal.

Tips to become successful in

1) Profile and background information: Profile and background information is very important to make the first impression. Make sure you have written your background information professionally without any spelling or grammar mistake. Try to show confidence by explaining your previous experiences so that you can attract customers.

2) Selection of gig: Selection of gig is very important. Try to provide service in the segment where demand is very high but the supply is comparatively low. This will increase the number of order you are going to receive per day. The more order you receive, the more you will earn. I recommend you to create varieties of Gigs in Fiverr since you are a beginner. Later on, keep the gigs which are doing well and delete the gigs which are not attracting customer.

3) Ratings*: Rating is probably the most important factor to become rich in Fiverr. It's because most of the buyers search gigs based on their ratings. It ensures them that the seller is reliable. On the other hand, nobody likes to buy a gig from a seller which has low or no ratings at all. This is why a new seller might need to tell his/her friends to buy his/her gigs to get some reputation first. If you spend 5 dollars to buy a gig from yourself, you actually lose only 1 dollar. It's because Fiver is going to keep 1 dollar as service fee and give you 4 dollars as your earning. This is a cheap way to increase ratings fast. However in long run you would definitely need genuine positive ratings to stay in the business.

4) Delivery time: You can increase your customer by providing faster service than your competitor. Everyone likes to see their work done as soon as possible.

5) Communication: Communication with the customer is very important. You must response as quick as possible and understand what the customer is looking for. If you think you can not do his work, you better cancel the order. This way, the buyer will receive his money back and you won't get any bad ratings.

6) Quality: Quality is very important without any doubt. If you want to get some loyal customers, you must provide high quality service. If the customers are not satisfied with your work, do the work again to make them happy.

7) Pause the gig: Do not forget to pause the gig when you have no time to complete it on time. If you go for a vacation without pausing your gig, you are going to get lots of incomplete orders. These incomplete orders would decrease your ratings. This is why it is very important to pause all of your gigs when you have no time to work in Fiverr. You can start your gig once again when you are free.

These are some basic tips to get started in Fiverr. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Make sure to rate this hub and post a comment below.


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    • tnvrstar profile image

      tnvrstar 4 years ago from doha, qatar

      @Skarlet, thank you for your comment. Recently I have designed a logo for my debit card as well. Fiver could be very useful if you know how to use them. However, the social media promotion section of Fiver is full of scam. Most of the people are using bots to generate lots of fake Likes and share, which actually does not help the buyer.

    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 4 years ago from California

      Thank you for the info. I just started using Fiverr and it is really great. I had someone make a logo for me.