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Food Insurance: What It Is And Why You Need It

Updated on April 29, 2014

Why Not Food Insurance?

So we as Americans, well we have insurance for all types of things, our cars, our health, unemployment insurance and we even buy insurance to pay when we die. Now I will not go in to the insanity of half of these insurances, however there is an insurance people rarely think about, yet is much more needed than a car. This type of insurance is not a new fad being offered through Aflac, this is an insurance that has been available for many years.

Food insurance is just another name for a stockpile, however many name it food insurance because that is exactly what it is, insurance. In a world of economic down turn and financial unstability, many Americans could strongly benefit from having a bit of food insurance in their house. We all think that we may never need insurance, even though we pay hundreds and thousands a year for it. This type of insurance is always readily available when you need it, no claim forms to fill out.

Why Would You Need Food Insurance?

If you have a family, there is your reason number one. While our bodies can actually go without food for upwards of a month, elderly and especially children will not understand this statistic. There may well be a time that you would not otherwise be able to put food on your family’s table. Food insurance gives you and your family the buffer you may need in times of hardship.

Unemployment and even long-term unemployment may be in your future, though we like to believe it won’t be. For many Americans, this is already a reality. If you still have a job, now is the time to prepare for a time when you may not, 3, 6 months worth of food can be collected fairly inexpensively and can leave you with more peace at night. I am self-employed, there really is no guaranteed pay check for me, many times I have had to use my food storage to get through a month that I did not bring in enough to buy food.

Protect against Inflation- Everything is going up, especially meat and dairy. The weather is another thing that we cannot change and with California, a big food producer, is 100% in severe drought, this leaves us vulnerable to prices we may not be able to pay for in the future. Getting food now while it is lower, can help save you money in the end.

You will not have to choose between feeding your kids and paying your electric bill. Sure you may get sick of all the beans and rice, however sleep comes easier with a full belly and a warm house. Once again, we never think it will be us, well it very well could be.

Emergencies-This could be the lights out for a few days, or many other natural elements can effect the daily grind of our food delivery systems. We live in a delicate balance, our food delivery system is needed every 2 or 3 days to keep us stocked. There is only a few days of food at any given time in stores, so I know you have went into one in the face of a storm, to empty shelves. Save yourself the time and chaos, have a bit already at home.

Getting Started

So how do you start, where do you get your food insurance? Quite simple, at the store. Start with an extra 20 pound bag of rice, at 8-10 dollars, you have added a cushion that you will appreciate later. Rice is versatile, eaten everyday anyways, as well as full of nutrients, calories and last for 20-30 years with little effort on your part. Next week get some beans or can food, whatever you eat regularly, just get a bit more when you go shopping.

Always remember to rotate your stock, oldest consumed first to ensure your food insurance does not become waste. You tube has many systems used by others to keep your stockpile, neat and easy to use. The amount that you keep should be in conjuncture with how many family members you have, financial situation, as well as where you live at.


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