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Fortis PC Banking

Updated on January 15, 2011

If you are looking to do your Fortis banking on your PC, you have decided to make use of one of the biggest advantages of the internet at this time: online pc banking.

about a third of all banks worldwide offer internet banking.

A lot of banks have included an option to let their customers use banking services through their own PC. This has benefits for the bank, and also for the customer. Banking with your PC makes things easier, faster, cheaper, and more transparent, as you get to use an interface for all your banking needs. This is something that offline banks cannot provide. Fortis PC banking offers a solution to its customers that lets them use their computer to access all their banking products right from their homes, getting all the benefits that online banking provides. This article will outline some benefits of online banking in general, and the benefits of the Fortis PC Banking program specifically.

Fortis offers its online customers the following services:

Customers can use the following services with Fortis PC banking:

  • Access account at any time
  • Check current balances on all accounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Track expenditures
  • View past transactions
  • Watch for unauthorized activity
  • Contact bank staff

PC banking makes things easier

You can access your account just from your home PC, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and a card reader, which can be obtained at your Fortis Bank. The card reader gives you unique codes based on your bank card and pin number, so your account stays safe.

PC banking goes faster

Because you don’t need to go all the way to your local bank office, you save a lot of time that you don’t want to be wasting in traffic. A lot of information and reports can be obtained with a few clicks, and transactions can be done without signing papers. Most of your time will be spend on going to the website and logging in, so it is advisable to do all your banking at a certain time. For example, Every Monday you log in and do your transactions and administration. Now you just log in once and process all transfers and reports at once. 

Fortis PC Banking

PC banking is cheaper

A lot of banks give a discount to account holders that use the online options, as this saves them quite a bit of costs on customer care, front office, printing and sending of monthly statements, and individual processing of transfer requests and other kinds of requests. Fortis gives you free transfers, and holders of an Easy Pack account, Service Pack account, or Mine Pack account have free access to PC banking. Other account holders pay the ignorable amount of 1 euro per month. 

PC banking is transparent

With access to so many products and parts of your banking portfolio, it is easy to keep track of all your banking details all In one place. With Fortis PC Banking you have access to:

* Accounts, to check the most up to date information on savings, credit card expenditures and make (international) transfers, and even set fixed dates for reoccurring transfers.

* Investment portfolio, to enter orders, calculate future incomes, and sign up for funds.

* Loans, to get the most up to date information on your current loans, or apply for a new one.

* Insurance, to retrieve the information on your current insurance, and to simulate new policies.


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      5 years ago


    • purpletiger profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes I agree, after online banking I don't ever want to stand in a line at a bank again just to do these little things that can now all be done in a flash from my own personal computer!!


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