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Five Gifts Money Can't Buy

Updated on May 12, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

Money is not everything

Each year millions of American's spend billions of dollars trying to buy the perfect gifts for their loved ones. At the same time each year millions who receive these gifts from their loved ones will return them because they are not satisfied with the gifts.

The lyrics to an old Beatles song declares, “money can't buy me love.” Here are four other gifts money can't buy.

More Time

Money can't buy you more time. No matter how many gifts someone purchases whether at Christmas time or any any other time it doesn't replace just spending time with loved ones. Friendships are born out of spending time together. Families grow and develop when they spend time together. Presents wear out but time well spent creates memories.

Money Can't Buy True Toegetherness

Money can't buy true togetherness. Money by it's very nature separates people into social classes. Even people who win the lottery and say they will be the same people as they always were find it very difficult to live as they once lived. In a past documentary former lottery winners were asked if they would do it all over again, most said no, because they no longer felt the closeness they once did to other people.

Money Can't Buy You Joy

Money only creates temporary joy. True joy is not found in accumulating money or in trying to buy someones love by showering them with gifts. True joy is found in having a right attitude towards money and in knowing the true source of wealth, which is giving back to others who have no way to repay the favor. This is joy.

Money Can't Buy True Peace

Winning the lottery has become the new American dream. "if I can only hit it big I will be truly happy." is the battle cry of millions. The peace money appears to give is fleeting. People equate money with a peaceful life but in the end a life filled with the desire for money is anything but peaceful. Money creates a bondage which is hard to get out of. When a person has a lot of money they spend many a day worrying about not losing their money. True peace comes from using money to help others who are in need.


Money Can't Buy True Love

The Beatle's once sang "Money can't buy you love." While money may buy you a temporary infatuation a true long lasting relationship cannot be solely based on money. Love is something which must be built within the heart in order to sustain the ups and downs of a marriage. Those times may include seasons of plenty but also may include times of hardship which include times of less money.

One final thought

The Bible does not say the, “root of all evil is money.” it says that the love of money is the root of all evil." Money in itself is not a bad thing, iMoney can be used to buy the things we need like food and clothing. It is the desire for money or the misuse of money which causes all sorts of problems.

Next time the news is see how many of the reported crimes stories have something to do with the accumulation of money.

© 2012 Timothy Whitt


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