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Four simple Waste Recycling and Management Practices Guaranteed to Earn you Income

Updated on October 16, 2010

The need for proper Waste management and re-cycling practices cannot be overemphasized: as the world over becomes inundated with the problem of waste of various kinds: ranging from refuse, garbage, sewage and oil gluts, nuclear and industrial wastes etc, to manage this anomaly, low cost effective waste recycling and waste management practices must be put in place.

This problem is ravaging the entire world, constantly pervading the Eco-systems of any region affected; creating an environmental menace, that if not checked could lead to a global pandemic and a colossal disaster. Western Europe, Japan and North America accounts for most of these waste, mostly from it’s industrial activities, these incidence of industrial pollution with the release of carbonic contents to the surroundings,: is one environmental menace, if treated with levity could lead to a break out of air-borne epidemics. Africa and Asia on the other hand is plagued with waste mostly from poor and unhygienic living conditions while Eastern Europe is saddled with the responsibility of evacuating wastes from it’s many nuclear stations and sub stations as a result of it’s involvement in the nuclear power struggle with the united States and NATO during the Soviet era.

But on the contrary, this article is not intended to bemoan the fate of the entire world as it becomes endangered with the incidence of waste; but it is meant to deal with this problem from a very different perspective, thereby exposing the benefits, monetary and social: inherent in meticulously managing waste, through re-cycling and re-use, to the benefit of all and sundry.

One fact that remains constant is that the problems associated with waste have come to stay with humanity, but with constant advancement in technology, these problem concerning waste disposal and management is fast becoming a thing of the past. Many companies are springing up daily, taking this charge of recycling waste and as such reducing unemployment and putting food on the table of many individuals who now benefit from this new trend; having fun and earning handsomely too.

Waste Managememt Resources to Quickly Consider

In the United States and other developed economies for example, where nuclear Technology is in vogue, the excess waste mostly uranium are used as simple forms of renewable energies, in most cases used in the process of generating electricity; though I wont advise any non-expert to practice this as most of the substances so contained are highly radioactive and therefore can damage cells and tissues in the body and other health related disasters can also be induced in the process, but I will suggest simple and easy ways an individual can safely dispose wastes earning the status of a waste management expert.

  • In our various homes, we generate so much waste mostly from our kitchens, the garbage heap outside can attest to this fact. Now, it has been discovered that natural made fertilizers are far better than artificial based; as a result of the formers high nitrogen content. So go to that garbage heap around the corner, pack them neatly and wait for the next refuse disposal agency in your area or go the nearest organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, and they will be willing to part with some few bucks for your neatly packaged rubbish
  • It has been estimated that by the next 100 years or so the world’s iron and tin reserves and deposits will be depleted without any replenishments, with this development; many companies that manufacture tin and iron based products for packaging their products will be in serious trouble sourcing for the raw materials for production, for example I know of one Chinese company situated somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria. This particular company melts iron and tin wastes to re-sale to companies that needs them, now what people staying close to this company does is to gather wastes like used beverage cans, wreckage from old cars, old roofing etc sell them to this company and get some monetary reward a the end, so take this step, gather those old tins and spoilt iron bedding in your garage and the corners of your house; you might, your next meal might be coming from the sales of this iron and tin wastes, alternatively you can visit online auction sites like eBay, yahoo auctions etc gather those iron rubbish from your old car and other iron wreckage taking prominent space in that garage, sell them and smile to the bank
  • You must have heard of this, but if you’ve not: then I can’t withhold this vital piece of information, but rather I will reveal to you the latest boom, precious metals! Yeah you heard me, see I can authoritatively reveal to you that as at the time of writing, the prices of the following metals stood thus;





Rhodium 9-$830/oz



Do you know that in 1999 to about 2001, the price of gold stood as low as $225/oz, but you can imagine the price now; and from experience the value of gold increases proportionally and hardly fluctuates or depreciate in value? Now let me crave your indulgence further, do you know that all these precious metals our within our homes? Check your trash cans, closets, surroundings etc you won’t know this. But to be modest, I will like to reveal to you that the photographic waste in your trash can be refined through a simple process and about 24 carats of silver realized from the process (I am not a Gold Smith o!), just multiply the current value of silver per ounce by 24, you will get the point I’m trying to arrive at. More so, that spoilt memory card from your phone and other accessories, the computer mother board you currently replaced, the replaced faulty one in the bin: gold, silver, palladium, copper etc can be recovered from them. I know you don’t know all these, but know this; obtaining precious metals from mostly photographic wastes, computer boards etc have made so many people millionaires and there is still more money to be made, you can ask the experts.

  • Lastly, there is one very funny and unusual waste disposal, re-cycling and management technique mostly practiced in Nigeria and Ghana. I recently learnt of it and if I should tell you: there is nothing like it, believe me. In Nigeria and Ghana, water is packed and sold in sealed polythene bags. These polythene bags have constituted a menace to the environment, as many people after using them throw them carelessly around, blocking the drains with it, littering the surroundings and worsening the problem of waste. Now to the crux of the matter, there is a company with bases in these two countries saddled with the responsibility of re-cycling these waste polythene bags into useful and tangible products. This company now goes round collecting the bags, after which they wash them properly, sterilize them and finally make beautiful bags, purse and even hats of various designs using the disposed polythene bags. You need to see this yourself to understand what I mean.

The list is endless, however these few waste management practices have not only helped in reducing the menace of waste in our surroundings, but enriched many individuals who have taken waste re-cycling as their stock in trade: making the MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOAL of achieving an eco-friendly environment by 2020 attainable.

Is your Country ding any thing to increase waste management practices in your country

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      Trash Robot 7 years ago

      Interesting reports about the prices of metals well done.