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Free Legitimate Credit Report Website

Updated on September 16, 2012


To a consumer, one of the most important ratings is your credit report score.

It is good to check your credit report from time to time to be sure your score is where you think it should be.

There are a number of free and paid sites to check your credit report, but the one I'll link you to below seems to be the most legitimate site and it is completely free.

As with anything posed to you on the internet, do some research first before jumping right in.

I have tried this credit rating site and it worked good, except one part that made me a little mad. It did all work out legit though in the end.

What is A Credit Score ?

Basically, your credit score is derived from a sophisticated formula based on your credit history. It is represented as a number. This number is used by potential lenders to determine, put quite simply, if you are going to have trouble paying them the money you owe them.

The worse your credit score, the harder it will be for you to get a loan.  The higher your credit score, the more likely that lending institutions will give you money.  The lower your credit rating, the less likely someone will extend you credit or a loan for money.

How Can I Check My Credit Score

Most people are entitled to a free credit report. Paste the following link below into your browser.

Do some research on the internet. You'll find that it is legit.

I'll include a link below

How The Website Works

I put the web address in my browser. The first screen asked me for the state I live in. Then I entered a bunch of personal information such as my social security number, address, name, etc.

Then the site asks you which nationwide credit reporting company you want to get your report from. You can choose from Experian, Equifax, or Transunion.

You can select all three at once if you'd like. Or, you can just select one report. You can get one report of each, once per year for free. I elected to just choose one with the thought of checking my credit again (for changes etc) using another credit reporting company 4 months from now.

You could select all three if you wanted to be sure your scores are all consistent at this time. It is just a matter of preference.

Then you will be directed to another web site. the website you'll be directed to is the credit reporting company website that you chose (Experian, Equifax, or Transunion)

Then you will respond to some more questions they will ask you to ensure your identity.

Then you will get your free credit report (your credit rating number is another story... see below...)

Is there Any Scam to All This? .... Eh..Well... See Below...

Is there any scam to all this 'free' stuff ..... we'll, it depends.  Here's what upset me just a tad.

This whole process gives you a free credit report and free credit rating right?

Credit report, yes, free. Credit score, free, sort of.  Transunion, the credit reporting company charged me $7.99 for my credit score. The 'free' part is, that I got my score as part of a '7 day trial' of some credit gogglygook and I was able to cancel it by calling some stupid number and canceling.

That part pissed me off a bit.  Otherwise,  no scam (just a temporary one) and I did get everything for free.


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