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Free Money for School

Updated on August 15, 2014

Grants and Scholarships

Let’s face it going to college can be very expensive. The average American can’t afford to pay for it. At one time, a high school diploma meant something when a person applied for a job. A bachelor’s degree would get you a really good job. Unfortunately times have changed and some applicants don’t even warrant a second look unless they have a master’s degree. To get their feet in the door applicants need a college education, but with the cost being what it is how can a person rise above? This is the land of opportunity, but opportunity is limited without the degree to back up their dreams.

An education is the ticket for the really great jobs. It is the remedy for the "stuck in the job" curse. Many people are unaware that the opportunity of a secondary education is there for the taking. Diligence and hard work will pay off in the end if they apply themselves and learn their chosen trade. Single mothers have a hard time providing for their children, but with the right education and job opportunities, it doesn't have to be a struggle.


I’ve got good news though, because there is free money out there to help a person reach their educational dreams. For those who qualify there is a Pell Grant available to pay up to $5550 per year for low income persons. Another means of paying for school is a Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant or an SEOG that is available through the federal government, just follow the link for the application.

Grant Money is also available depending on a person's circumstances. For example if a mother is returning to school, there is grant money available to help in those situations. Grant money can be given based on a person's religion or ethnic background. There are even grants for those who wish to study abroad.

Money can be found with a click of a button on a search engine. Some grants and scholarships may require an essay on a given topic to earn consideration. Some even require a video. The point is that the money is out there for education.

Private Foundations

Another good source for education grants are private foundations such as the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities. To find additional foundations that give grants for all sorts of purposes go to this website and enter information to narrow down the results.

Online Sources

The free money for education doesn’t stop there. For those with Internet access or willing to search online at the local library, there is more money to pay for education. Check out some of these other great sites for free money to pay for school.

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As a last Option...Loans

Alternatively, many students find themselves having to take out student loans to pay for their education or supplement funds that are available to them in grant money and scholarship money. Those who are diligent in their search however can uncover enough money to pay for college. Although the interest rate is low, the student loan debt rises each year. Taking advantage of the free funds available is the most financially lucrative way to pay for your education.

College Funding


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