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How to Pick Good Stock - and Free Stocks Screening

Updated on March 14, 2015

Stocks Screening

In the earlier days, when there was no internet, researching on the right stocks to buy was very difficult. One had to rely on his broker or you had to pay for an expert who had several employees to do the manual work for you. And even when they gave you the results, the results were more than a month old. And today, one would wonder how people ever made use of such information successfully.


With the coming of the internet, things are very easy now. You can screen hundreds of stocks in just a few minutes. In fact the problem that is there now is too much information which may translate into confusing you.

Free Stock Screening Tools

Today, all the stock screening tools that an ordinary investor may need are free. Rather than investing haphazardly in any stock you thing sound good, you can now, using a stock screening tool, set certain criteria that a stock should meet before you include it in your portfolio. You can enter criteria such as industry type, sector type, market capitalization, current price rang, sales, dividends, price-earning ratios, etc, etc. in a stock screener and by a touch of a button, you will get a listing of all the stocks that meet your criteria. The rest is for you to trade them.

Yahoo Stocks Screener

Yahoo stocks screener is one of the free stock screener that you will find online. It is free and I believe many people should be making use of that tool than they are currently doing. Another one that is free is the MSN Money. The tools are simple to use and will give you powerful results despite being free tools.

Spend some times on these tools and once you are conversant with them, then you can try trading the stocks you have screened. It is however very important to note very carefully that the fact that a stock has been screened does not mean you are going to be successful trading it.

Learn How To Pick Good Stock for Free Here.


April 4, 2008: The broad stock market has a much more positive technical background. The intermediate-term indicators are positive and on official buy signals. They had slipped some strength last week but never rolled over to sell signals. Then this week's strong rally brought them back from the brink, and they remain positive.

The SP500 index has, in some respects, become muddled. But its general trend is now up, so that is positive. SP500 index sliced back and forth through supposed support and resistance levels between 1320 and 1340 several times in the last two weeks. Thus, those levels are no longer significant as support or resistance. However, analysis clearly shows a higher high, higher low pattern. This is the sort of thing that is necessary as the first step towards building a lasting uptrend. This pattern remains positive as long as SP500 remains above the uptrend line. On the cautionary side, there remains heavy resistance at 1390-1400.

The equity-only put-call ratios had flirted with new highs at the week ending April 4, 2008, but have since backed off and are trending downward again. Thus, they are on reconfirmed buy signals. These put-call ratios are one of the most trustworthy and long-term indicators. Market breadth has been relatively strong over the past few weeks. Last week's decline was accompanied by only modestly negative breadth. Breadth strengthened on this week's rally and has now moved to overbought status. That is bullish, as long as breadth continues to expand.

That's it. I have for many years used these recommendations with a lot success in picking good stock that I can recommend it to everyone out there.

You can learn more on how to Pick Good Stock for Free Here.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I want to invest in share market

      But I dnt understand how to start and from where to start....

      Plzzz help

    • MakinMoneyEverday profile image


      6 years ago from California

      Yahoo does have a great stock screener, I prefer FINVIZ tho

    • ngureco profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      And yes, the stock market is a proven wealth builder and can and should benefit all participants. It is only fair that each one of us should be entitled to a piece of the action.


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