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How to prepare an effective freelancer profile and bidding letter

Updated on December 25, 2013

Freelancing- Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Contracts Part 2

After reading your bidding application , the potential client would come and check your profile . You must be able to prepare a convincing profile on the freelancer site . How do you want your clients to view you ? As a confident and experienced person ? Try to fuse this impression into your profile and bidding application . Some few tit bits on how to prepare an effective bidding application and profile have been discussed below .

Before you write the application letter or profile, You should have worked in your field for some time . From that comes your confidence . When you have confidence in your abilities , It reflects in your bid letter as well as your profile. When much confidence is exuded in your bidding application and profile , it shows potential clients that you have been working in that particular area for long and have gained much experience . It goes on to convince them more to contract you for a job .

Try to make your experience and abilities obvious in your bidding letter and profile without sounding like a know it all . Treat your clients with respect . Try to ask questions from potential clients and understand their needs before applying or taking the job . The tone in your profile and bidding application should make an employer feel that they are in charge and that you you'd love to work for them. Simply , you must have a humble and ready to work tone in your profile and bidding application

Employers want people who would serve and mostly don't want to feel that they are being manipulated into choosing a contractor . Your profile and bidding application should be straight to the point and say what you would say about your expertise . By honest about your abilities and experience and don't over hype yourself . If you over-hype yourself and your abilities and these don't reflect in your finished projects , it would spoil your chances of getting contracts in the future . Just write true things about your experiences and abilities and make sure this is confirmed through your work . Doing so would call for favorable reviews and comments on your profile and thereby increase your chances of getting more contracts . You would also be recommended to other clients by the clients that you have worked for .

The next is your charges per hour . Your fee or charge per hour should be reasonable . It shouldn't be too cheap and it shouldn't be too expensive or high . It should rather be reasonable and affordable .You could look through other freelancer's profile and check the average price per hour that freelancers in your expertise charge . You could charge something closely related - or in between the highest and lowest

You can get more ideas on preparing an effective bidding application and freelancer profile from other top freelancers . Or you can search freelancer websites for very good profiles that relate to your expertise for more ideas to preparing your own bidding application and freelancer profiles . When looking to grab ideas from profiles of other freelancers , always keep one question in mind : would I hire him or her with this profile ? - if it's okay with a particular profile and you would hire anybody with that profile then you can pick ideas from it to prepare your bidding letter and profile . Chances are that you would have like minded employers who would hire you - that is a profile that is likely to convince you will

convince another like minded person .

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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