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How To Turn Saving Money Into A Lifestyle

Updated on September 2, 2012


Saving money can become a science. I don't mean by that that saving money has to make you cheap by any means.

I mean that by saving money across the board and employing tricks and techniques, you can lead a financially solvent life and thus attain what most of us seek - happiness!

Being free of the worry of debt is's weight in gold.

Not worrying about the future is an ideal which most of us want to attain.

Is it possible to live a lifestyle that revolves around being frugal and saving money without being cheap? You bet!

Let's look at some of the components of living a money-saving lifestyle.



Healthy finances will keep your head above water more than any other element of your saving-money lifestyle. Knowing how to keep out of debt is essential to frugal living.

Some of the components of healthy finances:

  • Never spending more than you make
  • Saving money whether on line or in a bricks and mortar bank
  • Having an emergency fund in addition to savings
  • Budget is not a dirty word - we all need to learn to budget for everything
  • Investing wisely and depending on your age and years out from retirement
  • Saving money on your taxes
  • Investing in retirement accounts
  • Learning to save for big events or purchases to pay in cash
  • Avoiding credit card debt
  • Paying off whatever you charge every month without fail
  • Paying more on your mortgage to get it gone



Whatever you have in life, whatever you purchase in life, taking care of it will make the investment worthwhile.

Things we should maintenance:

  • Our health - without it, saving money won't matter
  • Our dental health - again, why throw away what we are given for free?
  • Home maintenance - keeping it up is going to go a long way to help retain its value
  • Car maintenance - cars need regular maintenance to give you the best performance
  • Pet maintenance - without it, we end up paying more in the long run for illnesses
  • Appliance maintenance - in the end, you pay more to replace something
  • Computer maintenance - paying more to replace or fix is not saving money


There are many day to day savings philosophies and strategies that will keep you financially sound and give you peace of mind as well. Why? Because you did not overspend or put yourself into debt!

Consider these possibilities and see if they don't make sense:

  • Always evaluate need versus want in every situation - it will help you make good decisions
  • Take budget friendly vacations rather than extravaganzas
  • Tone down the cost of celebrations and concentrate on the meaning of them
  • Never buy anything unless it is on sale
  • Price shop for everything and compare to get the lowest possible price
  • Meal plan and trip plan to cut down on unnecessary spending
  • Think about ways that you can do things yourself that cost less money
  • Conserve everywhere you can - on energy and on waste
  • Think outside the box when it comes to entertainment and trim those costs
  • Lead a simpler life and saving money will happen automatically!



When we think of wealth, we sometimes get that confused with what we have in the bank. Or maybe our investments.

Consider these things in terms of your wealth or what you have:

  • Your home and what it's worth - make sure you value it and care for it
  • Not necessarily having the best of everything but caring for everything you own
  • Buy smart when it comes to cars or other equipment you need in your life
  • Think of the gift of utilities and have a care to conserve on them whenever possible
  • Computers and phones are valuable tools in our relating to the rest of the world
  • Happiness is the greatest wealth you can find so strive for it - make it happen!


You can be underinsured but in today's world, most people are overinsured. Why? Because they don't take the time to investigate how much they truly need....and unfortunately, many people operate on fear. Fear of getting cancer, fear of losing their home, fear of credit card fraud. The list goes on and on.

Concrete insurance that we all should have:

  • Medical insurance - to live without it is financially disastrous
  • Vision and dental insurance if you can justify the cost versus paying out of pocket
  • Auto insurance - again, suicide to live without it though evaluate your plan
  • Homeowner or renters insurance - have enough to cover what really matters
  • Life insurance - make sure the policy structure fits your lifestyle and age


Inevitably, we all get old, whether we like it or not. Having a financial plan for our sunset years is an essential part of maintaining a money-saving lifestyle. We must be ready to face our senior years with assurance that we will be financially taken care of.

Ways to arrive at retirement financially secure:

  • Make sure that you apply for Social Security at the age that most benefits you financially
  • Contribute to IRA's, 401(k)'s and other retirement plans as much as you can early
  • Don't let frivolous purchases talk you into withdrawing your money
  • Make sure you have a Living Will in place
  • Take the time to decide on your wishes for funeral arrangements to avoid debt for heirs
  • Try to make sure your mortgage is paid before you retire!


It's really not a new concept. People have been living a frugal life for hundreds of years.  Sometimes we simply lose our way in the day to day living and that can take our focus off what is really important.

Sometimes spending money can be senseless and become an addiction. The more we make, the more we think we need to spend.

Having budgets and learning to live within our means or even below our means can net you some pretty incredible returns in terms of saving money.

That most important question should be our mantra on saving money....Do I really need it or do I just want it?

With so many things to spend money on these days, it's easy to lose sight of what is really, truly important in life. Saving money is a great part of that, but happiness should be the underlying foundation that our life is built upon.

Saving money doesn't have to be painful. Turning saving money into a lifestyle is easier than we think if we just use some sense in our spending habits.

Above all, having a care for the future, for those around us and the planet on which we live will go a long ways towards saving on many levels.

If you have more ideas on how to live a money-saving lifestyle, please leave your comments below!


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