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Fuel Economy - Ways to Save Money - Fuel Efficiency Tips

Updated on July 6, 2011

If, like me, you cringe at how much money you have to pay when its time to fill up your car with fuel and you want to know more about fuel economy and fuel efficiency tips so that you save money on your household budget then read on.

Here are many driving fuel efficiency tips which I'll share with you.  Not only will they save you money, they will help lengthen the life of your car and contribute to a cleaner environment for us all.

They come from personal experience, years of driving and lots of research.

Be Aware of Your Driving Habits

On the surface, being aware of your own driving habits appears irrelevant. However, its a key factor.

  • Braking suddenly burns fuel.
  • So too does aggressive driving. Being the first away from the lights, leaving others just moving will cost you. Better, to ease away from the lights and if possible coast slowly up to try to time them.
  • Staying within, or under the speed limit will save you money and increase your fuel economy.  
  • Accelerate before approaching a hill but ease off the accelerator as you crest it and use the power to coast down the other side.

Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape

  • Regularly servicing your car, is not only a safety tip, it's one of the key ways to save you money.
  • Changing your oil and the oil filters not only contributes to saving the economy, it will reward you in fuel economy.

Plan Your Trips and Include a Car-less Day

  • A lot of fuel is burned when a car is warming up so if you can plan those trips where you take the car out of the garage.
  • Why not include a car-less day in your weekly schedule. You'll not only save money on your fuel bill, you'll limit other temptations to spend.

Try One of these Useful Tire Gauges

Tires Will Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Keep your tires in optimum condition.

Buying and using a tire pressure gauge will help you keep on track. Your car user guide has the recommended pressure for your car.

These useful tire pressure gauges will help you to keep your tires at the right pressure.

Over inflate them and its dangerous and under-inflate them is not only dangerous but it will be a drag on your fuel economy.

Fuel Economy Calculator

You can easily calculate your fuel economy with this great fuel mileage calculator.  What's more it will convert miles to kilometers, and allow you to enter the price for your fuel along with the currency.  This fuel economy calculator is very quick and easy to use.

More Fuel Economy Tips

If you can, limit AC use. Also, when conditions allow, drive with the windows closed to reduce drag.

Remove roof racks, ski racks etc to also reduce drag.

Clean out your car. When you've finished driving from your round of golf etc, take them out of the car. I'm guilty carrying around lots of unnecessary things in the car which adds weight and costs me plenty when I fill up with fuel.

Get a More Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Buying a more fuel efficient vehicle can save you a lot of money.

You could consider buying a smaller car, switching from an SUV vehicle to a compact, a smaller engine, or a hybrid car.

Check here for more information on the most fuel efficient cars.

These are just some of the many fuel efficiency tips to increase your fuel economy when driving. Adopting them, or some of them, will help save money and potentially extend the life of your vehicle too.

And finally.....

This article is copyright Travelespresso.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to use it but do not copy.

Writers love feedback so please leave a comment, rate my article and/or pass it on.  Thanks so much.


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    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 6 years ago from Arizona

      We can all use some tips to conserve on fuel these days and it looks like gas prices in the states have no where to go but up given what is currently brewing in the Middle East. Tire pressure is definitely a big factor--always good to check them after seasonal temperature changes. They can lose air and you don't even know it! Thanks for the super Hub and money saving ideas!