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Fundraisers That are Church Friendly

Updated on February 9, 2013

Every now and then the church needs to bring in a little extra money mind it to be to pay the folks or to pay the bills. I will list a couple I know of and then talk about one I thought about having my church participate in.

Bake Sales

Who doesn't love home made cookies? The church can ask if only would like to donate a dozen or so cookies, trays of brownies, pies, etc. Then they could sat up a date at the church where people could stop by and shop for their sweet tooth.

Fish Dinners

There is a church in my town that every now and then sells fish dinners. It cost about $5 but is well worth it. The dish consist of fish, fries, and coleslaw. People from the church would ask friends if they wanted to purchase a meal and collect early then that person can have it delivered to them or pick it up.

Spaghetti Dinners

Now my church did this as a fundraiser to help two brothers that attend our church with their missions to Mexico. They did just a love offering for this one. A love offering is where you give amount that you seem is fit. Most of us at least give them the miminum of what we would have spent had we went to a fast food place. With this dinner we had spaghetti, bread/w butter, and a drink. It worked out well for the boys for their trip.

Chili Dinners

Now this one I read the flyer that was stuck in my door. I can't remember the price but the church was going to have different styles of chili and I think you got some corn bread with it. I didn't get to attend that event last year.

When marching band we would sell $5 tickets to our hosted event called the chili supper. The band still holds this now and the date is always the same day as the homecoming football game. You have dinner first then go to the game. The school has chili, hotdogs, hamburgers, and some side items. This has been a great fundraiser for the band for years.

Yard Sales

The mothers of my church get highly excited when a church in another town has their yard that specializes in children and baby items. When the ladies hear it is coming up they make sure to call, message, and facebook everyone. At the time when this church started doing this we had a lot of new mothers in our church. Finding nice baby clothes and toys for cheap was a blessing. All proceeds go to the church because all the items was donated to them. A church can do this and they sell anything they want it doesn't just have to be children items.


When I was a Avon rep the company started a program where organizations could sell different Avon Products for money. I was going to see if my church was interested but at the time I couldn't get myself together to make the pitch. None of the money goes to the rep what earnings is made goes to the group.

Car Wash

Now a car wash is good for any group. I have attended many church car washes and they do well. With how much it cost to wash your car going to a church one that may cost 2-3 dollars cheaper is nice.

Just remember regardless of the fundraiser the church will need donations to make this work. If the church has to pay for everything first then sell it the profit will be small or little to none. These were just little ideas that can be started from homes. There are other fundraisers out there that can be done through companies if the the church chooses to do that.


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    • Rosalinem profile image

      Rosalinem 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I liked the way you wrote this hub and the good thing about this fundraising is that people get to meet together and have some fun.voted it up