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Get Free Stuff and Hot Deals

Updated on June 14, 2012

I really enjoy trying out new things before I buy them; so getting free samples is something I really enjoy. Getting free samples in the mail is a pretty cool thing since anything free is really hard to come by these days. Some ask me what I do with all my free samples, what kind do you get, and where do you get them?

What do I do with all these free samples?

I of course try them out. Like I said, I love to see what new products are like and see if they are worth buying. I also like using the shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste for when we travel. It saves me from buying all those travel size products I need when we are on the go. Most companies give you coupons with your free sample so that really helps out with the family budget as well. Also, some companies give out more than just a little sample to try. When I get some of the bigger products to try out, it knocks off some money that otherwise would have had to been spent on that particular item that now I am able to use for free.

What kind of free stuff can you get?

You can get all kinds of free stuff. There are so many companies that give out free stuff all the time. I have recieved shampoos,conditioners, feminine products, grocery samples, beauty products, laundry soap, clothes.....the list could go on and on.

How do you get this free stuff?

It is pretty easy, but you do have to beware of some scams out there. If it is a free sample it should be free and you never should need to do anything for it but sign up. A website I like is Get Free Stuff and Hot Deals. There are a few more websites out there too that give out great sample information, but this website seems to give out all the real, legit, usable samples. It also posts contests to join and awesome coupon deals. There motto is "dedicating to keeping money in your pocket".

Getting free samples and coupons may not be for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it! Something that makes it easier is setting up an email address just for your samples and coupon needs. That way it stays separate from your other emails; It keeps you a bit more organized. Another tip is to use your auto fill when filling out the forms for samples and etc, it makes the process go much faster.

If you have never tried it you should and if your already a free sample and coupons kinda guy or gal then thumbs up to you :)

Do you like free samples and coupons?

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    • TnTgoodrich profile image

      TnTgoodrich 6 years ago

      Your welcome :)

    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 6 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Thanks for sharing, I will def. be trying that site out!